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be bright and breezy

To be confident and cheerful. I may be bright and breezy now, but I often felt melancholy as a teenager.
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bright and breezy

cheery and alert. You look all bright and breezy this morning. Bright and breezy people on a gloomy day like this make me sick.
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be bright and breezy

to be happy and confident I get a bit depressed at times, whereas Gill's always bright and breezy.
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References in classic literature ?
She had been in service after that, on the breezy eastward coast of Kent.
The morning of the next day--the morning on which the ships were to sail--came bright and breezy.
meekly asked Tom, pausing before the breezy stranger.
A brown, breezy man, in a blue jacket, with no hat on the curly head, which he shook now and then like a water dog; broad-shouldered, alert in his motions, and with a general air of strength and stability about him which pleased Rose, though she could not explain the feeling of comfort it gave her.
While Goldsmith lay a-dying in London, in the breezy Scottish Lowlands a big rough lad of fifteen called Robert Burns was following his father's plow by day, poring over Shakespeare, the Spectator, and Pope's Homer, of nights, not knowing that in years to come he was to be remembered as our greatest song writer.
The breezy Wilcox manner, though genuine, lacked the clearness of vision that is imperative for truth.
He stopped at some quarter of a mile from the house, hesitating whether to pursue the road, or to follow a cart track between two high hedgerows, which led across the slope of a breezy heath, and evidently struck into the road again by-and-by.
Either this or a natural volatility lent a breezy rapidity to the visitor's speech.
In five minutes' time, the little steamer is utterly deserted, and the packet is beset and over-run by its late freight, who instantly pervade the whole ship, and are to be met with by the dozen in every nook and corner: swarming down below with their own baggage, and stumbling over other people's; disposing themselves comfortably in wrong cabins, and creating a most horrible confusion by having to turn out again; madly bent upon opening locked doors, and on forcing a passage into all kinds of out-of-the-way places where there is no thoroughfare; sending wild stewards, with elfin hair, to and fro upon the breezy decks on unintelligible errands, impossible of execution: and in short, creating the most extraordinary and bewildering tumult.
Not that they talked loudly or laughed much, but they were both so very handsome, and it was such a breezy day, and their light dresses and dark curls appeared so free and joyous in their abandonment, and Emma was so fair, and Dolly so rosy, and Emma so delicately shaped, and Dolly so plump, and--in short, there are no flowers for any garden like such flowers, let horticulturists say what they may, and both house and garden seemed to know it, and to brighten up sensibly.
Those taking part in the halfmarathon will be pleased to know its forecast to be dry and breezy, with sunny spells and a maximum temperature of around 16 degrees.
Those taking part in the half-marathon will be pleased to know it is forecast to be dry and breezy, with sunny spells and a maximum temperature of around 16 degrees.
para]]Breezy HR today announced the release of the Breezy iPhone app and video interviewing to help modern recruiters, hiring managers and business owners connect with their team and candidates faster, and with greater ease.
It all makes for a bright and breezy way to kill an hour or so, although the story never really amounts to anything.