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too big for (one's) breeches

Overconfident in one's importance, skill, or authority; behaving as if one is more important or influential than one actually is. He's gotten too big for his breeches ever since he got that promotion. John's been too big for his breeches now that he's been scouted by pro teams.
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kick in the breech

A humiliating disappointment or setback. Losing my job after my car broke down was a real kick in the breech.
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kick in the pants, a

1. Also, a kick in the teeth. A humiliating setback or rebuff. For example, That rejection was a real kick in the pants, or That review was a kick in the teeth. A third, vulgar variant of these colloquial terms is a kick in the ass. Versions of this last expression- kick in the breech, kick in the behind-have been used since the early 1800s.
2. A cause of enjoyment, as in That show was a real kick in the pants. This meaning is virtually the opposite of def. 1 and can be differentiated from it only by the context. [1960s]
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While medicine describes symphysiotomy as part of "the obstetric arsenal" (Bjorklund, 2002), women giving birth to their breech babies can feel comforted that the midwifery approach of utilising active birthing positions will not wage war on their bodies and impede their babies' descent.
If I labored my breech unsuccessfully and ended up with a cesarean birth I might look back and think, if only I had attempted the version.
Locking lugs on the bolt are removed, turning it into a striker, while the breech is sealed with a breech plug.
Only if a cesarean section poses potentially fatal risks for the mother is it reasonable to consider a planned vaginal delivery for a single breech baby at term.
Each woman had an uncomplicated complete or frank breech at more than 37 weeks' gestation.
Therefore, if you are having a baby, or contemplating one, don't hesitate to ask your doctor at the first prenatal examination how he handles a breech presentation should it occur.
There is no other subject is obstetrics as controversial as the subject regarding the management of breech presentation.
To prevent this, we suggest units check the breech block roller to make sure it's rolling freely.
Results: Out of total 203 women who had breech presentation 123 were finally selected for the trial.
If the head is impacted deep in the pelvis, I encourage you to consider alternative approaches to cesarean delivery, including reverse breech extraction (FIGURE 1, page 9) or an assist from a vaginal hand (FIGURE 2, page 10) to facilitate delivery.
When the round goes off the gases expand and only the weight of the slide and the spring tension of the recoil spring holds the breech closed as the round fires, then the expanding gases force the slide back, cycling the action, etc.
Hypnosis and Conversion of the Breech to the Vertex Presentation.
Washington, Apr 28 (ANI): Kids, who are born first or have had breech births or whose mothers are 35 or older at the time of birth, face a greater risk of developing an autism spectrum disorder, according to a new study.
But that phenomenon has caused the practice of vaginal breech delivery to wane.
Recent research has suggested that elective caesarean section (CS) for breech delivery at term is the safest option for most women.