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bred in the bone

1. (hyphenated if used as a modifier) Deeply and firmly rooted, ingrained, or established. His bred-in-the-bone etiquette came as a result of his years of military training. In this part of the country, hospitality is simply bred in the bone.
2. (hyphenated if used as a modifier) Long-standing and habitual, especially of ideology or religion. Most people vote according to their bred-in-the-bone political identification, rather than making individual assessments of different candidates. A lot of times, religious views are simply bred in the bone.
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born and raised

 and born and bred
born and nurtured through childhood, usually in a specific place. She was born and raised in a small town in western Montana. Freddy was born and bred on a farm and had no love for city life.
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born and bred

if you were born and bred in a place, you were born and grew up in that place and have the typical character of someone who lives there (often + in ) She was born and bred in Jamaica but now lives in France. He's a Londoner born and bred.
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born and bred

Born and educated in a single locale or social class. For example, Adam was a Bostonian, born and bred. Although the two words were paired earlier, the precise locution dates from the mid-1800s.
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GFG Group's Miguel Warren, Vice President Sales, Asia, added : 'Our relationship with BRED I.
Market hunters didn't keep extensive records, but within a couple decades they had bred just the dog to meet their needs.
Cattle have been bred for these traits, thinking these animals would be most profitable.
WELL BRED Strategies to beat the chestnut blight fall into two main groups: attempts to breed trees that resist it and attempts to enlist one of its biological enemies to quash it.
With this SOA, BRED tackled a major, universal challenge facing banks -- to take advantage of the benefits of a Web-enabled business environment while continuing to use valuable line of business applications that were previously not accessible through a Web interface.
Like the Gypsy horses before her, Katharine Hepburn will one day possess the flashy good looks and serene personality that Irish and English Gypsies have bred in their horses since the end of World War II.
Although most present day breeders aren't anxious to crossbreed Milking Devons, documentation does exist of Holstein heifers bred to Milking Devon bulls yielding a solid black Holstein-sized animal.
It's also possible, says Vila, that domestication happened once, after which domesticated dogs bred with wolves from time to time.
1] Just as vegetables were bred to withstand shipping and machine harvesting, animals were bred to look more like each other and to produce the most valuable products.
Since 1983, cat fanciers have bred the unusual mutants -- now called American curl cats--with an eye toward developing a show breed.
In contrast, traditional plant breeding shuffles all the traits of the plants that are bred.
The institution's Research Biologist Alejandro (Alex) Vagelli has discovered a new species of goby, and has successfully bred several species of gobies that have never been bred before.
These dogs have been bred in the United States since about 1890.