breathe down (one's) neck

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breathe down (one's) neck

1. To monitor someone closely, usually in an overbearing and irritating way. I just got another email from the boss asking about the status of this report, as if breathing down my neck is going to make me finish it faster!
2. To be physically close to someone in an unnerving or unwanted way. Back up, dude—I'll never make this shot with you breathing down my neck!
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breathe down someone's neck

1. Fig. to keep close watch on someone; to watch someone's activities intently. (Alludes to someone standing very close behind a person.) I can't work with you breathing down my neck all the time. Go away. I will get through my life without your help. Stop breathing down my neck.
2. Fig. [for someone or something] to represent an approaching deadline. The project deadline is breathing down my neck. The due date for this paper is breathing down my neck.
See also: breathe, down, neck

breathe down somebody’s ˈneck

(informal) watch somebody too closely, and so make them feel uncomfortable: I can’t work with people breathing down my neck the whole time.
See also: breathe, down, neck

breathe down (someone's) neck

1. To threaten by proximity, especially by pursuing closely.
2. To watch or monitor closely, often annoyingly: The boss was breathing down my neck all morning.
See also: breathe, down, neck
References in periodicals archive ?
GARY ROWETT has warned the top six in the Championship that in-form Derby are breathing down their necks.
Falkirk have Hibs breathing down their necks in the race for second place in the Ladbrokes Championship which means two fewer games in the playoffs and they could be level on points by the time this kicks off.
EASTHAM Home Guard B are ending the year with lots of promise as they lead division one by three points with Lyceum 'F' menacingly breathing down their necks.
But the Tigers made the shots that mattered, especially down the stretch when the Red Warriors were breathing down their necks, en route to the victory.
DARREN MCGREGOR has challenged Hearts to prove they can deal with the pressure of Rangers breathing down their necks.
Albert Straughan's black-andwhites are unbeaten in the league and must be contemplating silverware, although Ponteland United are now breathing down their necks in second spot.
Cardiff City look well placed to finish in the Championship play-off positions, while Swansea City have their destiny in their own hands, albeit with Leicester and Blackpool breathing down their necks.
Billingham Rangers are breathing down their necks and the title could well be decided when the pair meet later in the month.
Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul struck down the rules framed by Centre, saying, "Director of films should not have multifarious authorities breathing down their necks when indulging in a creative act.
Despite starting the season in impressive fashion, both clubs have the likes of Leicester Tigers and Saracens breathing down their necks in the league, adding an even greater incentive for both sides to avoid defeat.
If there was any disappointment over the fact the Phillies were still breathing down their necks, the Dodgers hid it well.
And a third European team-mate is breathing down their necks.
After their midweek 1-1 draw at Rosenborg the Gunners may have been at their most vulnerable with Chelsea breathing down their necks at the top of the table.
Chelsea, who drew at home to Fulham, and Liverpool, who romped to a 6-0 win at West Brom, are still breathing down their necks but with the pair meeting at Stamford Bridge on the final day of the season, Newcastle know they are still in the driving seat.
With no Christian Coalition or Family Research Council breathing down their necks, Dutch legislators have been able to respond seriously and maturely to gay activists' calls for reform and to pass good laws.