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One who is intensely and aggressively passionate and fiercely determined. Likened to a dragon or other beast able to shoot streams of fire from its mouth. The company's new boss proved to be a real fire-breather, and in just a few months she turned a once-middling local business into a national powerhouse.

take a breather

To take a short pause or hiatus (from something). You can go ahead on the hike if you want, I'm going to stop here and take a breather. The senator is taking a breather from his campaign to spend some time with his family.
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mouth breather

Someone who is dimwitted, foolish, or stupid; someone of low or stunted intelligence. Used as an insult. That bully is a such a mouth breather, I bet he has the IQ of a rock.
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n. a rest period; a lull. (A chance to catch one’s breath.) As soon as we’ve had a breather, it’s back to work.


n. a stupid-acting person. I always end up with a mouth-breather on a blind date.
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Then give all breather valves the twist-and-pull test after each operation in mud or heavy dust.
The Breather Bags are manufactured in Clean Room Products' own Class 10/100 clean room, ensuring a uncontaminated product.
Within the filler breather range, we needed a high quality low corrosion polymer breather cap that offers easy dipstick operation, non-splash fill and a pressurised option.
Claudio Yacob Time to bring the Argentine back into the fold and give workaholic Craig Gardner a breather.
A plugged breather valve will KO the dozer's transmission.
Taking a breather from heaving wheelbarrows full of cement as his mates dug in the heat, Harry grinned: "Everything here is just so positive and fantastic.
By taking a breather, the Fed would have time to assess the toll on economic activity and inflation of its 17 rate increases since 2004, according to minutes of the Fed's Aug.
Glenn Roeder promised Peter Ramage he will be soon back in the Newcastle United starting line-up after giving his 22-year-old defender a much-needed breather against Middlesbrough yesterday.
These Arms Are Snakes, From Ashes Rise, Smoke or Fire, Breather Resist and The Loved Ones all gave face-melting performances.
Having no further interest in this season's Tennent's Scottish Cup,Dundee will be idle on Saturday week and that will serve as a welcome breather as far as the manager is concerned.
Mouth Breather and Snorer models of the new version are also available.
The shell covers the functional parts of the tank (pump flange, fittings, breather and vent lines, valves, sensors, filter, and tank seam), eliminating the need for complex diffusion barriers.
The new unit is intended to replace a standard breather cap.