breathe again

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able to breathe again

1. Literally, capable of inhaling and exhaling without difficulty. Once the climbers returned from the top of the mountain, they felt like they were finally able to breathe again.
2. Figuratively, recuperating from a busy or stressful period of time. After a long, hectic summer, many parents feel like they are able to breathe again once their kids are back in school.
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breathe (freely) again

relax after being frightened or tense about something.
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breathe (easily/freely) again

no longer need to be afraid, worried, etc: I was able to breathe easily again once I knew the children were safe.
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Breathe Again with SinoMarin is designed to combine the safety of a seawater solution with the properties of a medicinal agent.
I felt suffocated and, when I finally got out, I suddenly felt that I could breathe again
It goes on for so long I'm sure he's not going to breathe again.
We've barely time to breathe again after Thursday night's game before we play Livingston at Hampden and then we're back out to Spain.
Breathe Again by Ricc Rollins, Ishai Books, 1999, $16.
Shopaholics can breathe again and stop cutting up their cards.
Paramedics also tried, but could not get Alice to breathe again.
ADAM RICKITT: I Breathe Again (Polydor) - A fine disco track and if Adam (above) wants to parade round in his smalls it's up to him.
Vicente del Bosque, who included Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas and David Silva, could breathe again when Paco Alcacer equalised eight minutes from time - then came Stoch's dramatic winner.
Sharon, of Lewisvale Park, Musselburgh, told how she held Gavin's hand and pleaded with him to breathe again as he lay dying.