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ED Digital is breaking the mold of the traditional TV experience by providing network capabilities in their new line of LCD TVs," Chad Hodge, group product manager of Windows Digital Media, Microsoft Corp.
While there has been much focus of late on how VoIP still needs to develop in order to become as reliable as traditional phone service, Pannaway is breaking the mold by combining CLASS features with advanced SIP-based calling features and wrapping them in a solution that guarantees the delivery of Lifeline E911 support - even when electrical power is lost.
FOX's exceptional team of creative executives has succeeded in breaking the mold with a year-round programming model and I could not be more excited to work with them to roll out the network's impressive new development slate.
CAPRI Engineering created a new program called Condominium Defect Mitigation (TM) Services (CDM) breaking the mold in condominium construction risk management.
Vancouver and Whistler are breaking the mold for host cities by seizing the Olympic marketing opportunities with leaders like Visa much earlier in the cycle," noted Barrett Fisher, President of Tourism Whistler.