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A specific issue or thing that will cause an agreement, deal, or relationship to fail or be terminated. He told me he never wanted to have kids, which is a dealbreaker for me, so we decided to end the relationship then and there. The insurgency's insistence on maintaining a political presence was a dealbreaker for the truce negotiations.

a ball-breaker

Someone who deliberately gives others a hard time, is very demanding, or is insulting. Can be considered vulgar slang. John's boss, Mark, is quite the ball-breaker. After completing the project ahead of time and under budget, Mark ordered John to work through the weekend to finish up other meaningless tasks.


and ball-buster
1. n. a difficult task; a difficult or trying situation requiring extremely hard work or effort. (Usually objectionable.) That whole construction job was a real ball-breaker. Why should moving furniture end up being such a ball-buster?
2. n. a hard taskmaster; a hard-to-please boss. (Usually objectionable.) Tom gets a day’s work for a day’s pay out of his men, but he’s no ball-breaker. My boss is a ball-buster, but he pays well.
3. n. a female who is threatening to males. (Usually objectionable.) Mrs. Samuels has a terrible reputation as a “ball-breaker.” Wholly deserved, I might add.


1. n. a break dancer. (Break dancing is a rhythmic and energetic impromptu performance usually done by untrained urban youths.) He is one of the best breakers in the city.
2. n. someone attempting to use a citizens band radio channel. There’s a breaker trying to use this channel. Let’s drop down to eleven.
References in classic literature ?
Saxon screamed in sudden wonder of delight, then caught her breath and gazed at the amazing peacock-blue of a breaker, shot through with golden sunlight, overfalling in a mile-long sweep and thundering into white ruin of foam on a crescent beach of sand scarcely less white.
But the stranger sprang to meet the blow, and, just when it seemed he must be crushed, he dived into the face of the breaker and disappeared.
Furthermore, the breakers feature Atlas Copco's VibroSilenced Plus systems.
com/research/f7ng6t/circuit_breakers) has announced the addition of the "Global Circuit Breakers and Fuses (Low voltage, Medium voltage and High voltage) Market - Forecasts to 2019" report to their offering.
RAWLAPINDI, August 24, 2009 (Balochistan Times): While the commuters continue to suffer numerous problems travelling on Murree Road RDA has added more to their woes by erecting breakers at Shamsabad.
Fomo Products announces that soil-erosion breakers constructed from a heated polyurethane foam system called Magnum[TM] offer a faster and easier approach to a big job while allowing jobsite portability.
ProCare includes a three-year service contract and extended warranty program that is now being offered to customers who purchase new MB and HB series-Atlas Copco breakers.
David Guzman, 38, captain of the Los Angeles Breakers, said his team, which competes against teachers at schools throughout the Southland, is there to entertain the crowd.
New Ice Breakers Frost[TM] Mints Offer Both Taste and Power for Fresher Breath
2100 per metric ton on the steel scrape produced by the ship breakers.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Bay to Breakers organizers report the 50,000 spaces allocated for runners, walkers and costumed participants are selling quickly and they anticipate an early sell out for the May 15 centennial race.
LONDON, May 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Fuses and Circuit Breakers in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Fuses, and Circuit Breakers.
The Montabert V1800 and V2500 Evolution hydraulic breakers feature an automatic two- speed variation system --adjusting their impact energy and striking rate to deliver high energy per blow on hard ground and high frequency on soft ground.
1 This specification sets forth the requirements for furnishing outdoor, frame mounted, automatic reclosing, dead-tank power circuit breakers to the Electric Power Board, doing business as Nashville Electric Service (NES), for use on NES%s 23.
Kevin Loomis, business line manager for Atlas Copco Construction Equipment, said the compact, ES hydraulic breakers are easy to maneuver into tight spaces and provide good visibility, which speed up day-to-day construction, landscaping and renovation jobs.