break word

break (one's) word

To fail to act as one has promised. Tom said he'd help us move, but he broke his word and failed to show. If you keep flaking out, you're going to become known as someone who breaks their word.
See also: break, word

break one's word

not to do what one said one would do; not to keep one's promise. (Compare this with keep one's word.) Don't say you'll visit your grandmother if you can't go. She hates people to break their word. If you break your word, she won't trust you again.
See also: break, word

keep/break your ˈword

do/fail to do what you have promised: Do you think she’ll break her word and tell everyone?
See also: break, keep, word
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Its members have been featured at the National Black Arts Festival and in the anthology Break Word With The World.
The findings support the notion that the reading and spelling deficit, characterized by an inability to break words down into the separate sounds that comprise them, stems in part from a failure to properly integrate letters with their speech sounds.
Cheryl taught me how to break words down and now I can carry on with the things I want to do.
Each child in my program is taught to break words down," says Pastor Archer.
I will break words up the way I'd split a flint I will grind words down like marble, like pigments So their dust rises to the nostrils of the god Fine-ground as flour for our daily bread Or powder on the cheeks of beautiful And less beautiful women, butterflies' pollen, salt Of the spindrift piercing the doors of the sea Like the air where a billion lightbulbs palpitate Like the grain of time burst in the hourglass I will set free those atoms of speech before Words themselves break me up, grind me down, Burn me to ash, scatter me, bury me
The cause of dyslexia is a hotly debated issue, but most researchers agree that the primary difficulty for those with the condition is a lack of phonological awareness-an inability to break words into individual phonemes.