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ADON'T know what your doctor advised you to eat but there are some things which increase the tendency to break wind such as pulses and bran.
Hand on heart, no woman has ever heard me break wind.
But it is the robot's ability to break wind and snore which has caused a stir in the world of robotics.
I don't sneeze or cough over everyone, I don't drop litter, I don't have BO, don't break wind, vomit, urinate, spit, drop chewing gum or leave half-eaten takeaways or half-drunk cans of drink in public places.
Surgeon Dr Jorn Kristensen said: "No one considered the possibility he would break wind.
But the thing you never realise with live horses is that they break wind.
One cheeky surfer even said he would ask the Queen: "Do you break wind and how often?
It has been discovered that blasting some beans with gamma rays removes the chemicals that make people break wind.
When they break wind, the gas is collected in the backpacks and will be analysed in a bid to create a methane-reducing vaccine .