break balls

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break (one's) balls

1. vulgar slang To exert oneself to the utmost degree; to put forth the maximum amount of effort or strain. Because of the slang reference to testicles, it is usually (but not solely) said of or by a man. I've been breaking my balls trying to get the new software ready by the release date. Don't break your balls getting over here, there's no rush.
2. vulgar slang To harass, harangue, or pressure someone about something, especially for a lengthy period of time. The boss has been breaking our balls over the number of sales our department has made this quarter. Quit breaking my balls, I said I'd get it done.
3. vulgar slang To tease someone. Aw, come on, dude, I was just breaking your balls. No need to get upset about it.
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break (someone's) balls

 and break (someone's) stones; bust (someone's) balls; bust (someone's) stones 
1. Sl. to wreck or ruin (someone); to overwork someone; to overwhelm someone. (Potentially offensive. Use only with discretion.) The boss acts like he's trying to break everybody's balls all the time. No need to break my balls. I'll do it!
2. Sl. to kid or tease (someone). Don't sweat what I said—I was just bustin' balls. Hey, relax, he didn't mean it. He was just breakin' your stones!
See also: ball, break

break balls

See also: ball, break
References in classic literature ?
But a young man--any man--could have gone to break stones on the roads or something of that kind--or enlisted--or--"
The Japanese didn't care whether you were ill - if they needed the men they would drag the sick out of hospital and make them break stones while lying on their stretchers.
Organiser Michele | | But They Can't Break Stones - directed by Elena Dirstaru, 2015, 50 mins.
The tools' age indicates that members of the human evolutionary family understood how to break stones into usable forms long before the emergence of the Homo genus, say archaeologist Sonia Harmand of Stony Brook University in New York and her colleagues.
Hundreds of men went to the workhouse to break stones in return for small payments," related Tom, who also knew the added financial misery caused by illness.
Sandeep Patel, Assistant Professor Digestive Disease Center, University of Texas San Antonio, and coauthor of the presentation for the DDW, " the use of laser energy to break stones has advantages that not only increase our efficiency but allow us to offer patients a less invasive solution to treating their stones.
I ran away from Hail (400 km away from Riyadh) since my sponsor asked me to break stones in a mountain area; I was recruited as a driver from Colombo," said Ariyadasa Perera, a Sri Lankan worker who was standing outside the country's embassy.
He said some of the latest equipment brought in to the department includes search cameras used during fires to locate trapped people, special rescue ladders which can reach up to four floors and special equipment to break stones when buildings collapse.
They have to break stones at the construction sites.
CUT STONES Use a chisel and mallet to break stones into smaller pieces (wear goggles).
In our previous grants, we were looking for mechanisms that cause shock waves to break stones and injure tissue," said Dr.
Shockwave lithotripsy, a nonsurgical technique for treating such stones, uses high-energy shock waves to break stones into tiny fragments small enough for patients to pass in their urine.
IN the late 19th Century men could break stones in three "labour test" yards in Middlesbrough in return for poor relief however the high unemployment meant that by 1879 there was more stone than could be used, leading to pounds 4,000 worth of excess stone being amassed.
Powered by a cartridge of high-pressure carbon dioxide gas, the StoneBreaker delivers a higher probe-tip velocity at impact to successfully break stones in one procedure, thus eliminating the need for additional costly procedure time and patient discomfort.