break rank

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break ranks

1. Literally, to step out of a military formation. Don't break ranks, or the drill sergeant will lose it.
2. By extension, to behave in a way that is different from or opposes the other members of a group that one is a part of. You're a part of management now—if you disagree with their initiatives, then you need to break ranks.
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break rank (or ranks)

1 (of soldiers or police officers) fail to remain in line. 2 fail to maintain solidarity.
See also: break, rank
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On July 21, on his 77th birthday, Vaghela had announced his plan to break ranks with the Congress, which he had joined two decades back after leaving the BJP.
Mr Johnson is the first senior Tory to break ranks with the PM's line that we cannot join Assad due to his poor human rights record.
CSS also said that those Kharijites who embrace these terrorist bombings are in fact agents and spies; their aim is to destabilize the security of GCC's Arab States by fomenting sectarian strife to break ranks and destabilize national unity, noting that the awareness of the GCC's peoples is capable of exposing this malicious schemes that are managed from abroad, and that the nation's enemies will not succeed in dispersing our rank and the unity of our homelands.
But a decision by two colleges - Coleg Cambria and St David's Catholic College - to break ranks and commit to paying the additional 1% regardless is believed to have forced ColegauCymru's hand.
After the war they decided to break ranks and seek independence form Britain, but during both wars we were all still of the Empire.
French President Francois Hollande supported the so-called Tobin tax in his presidential election campaign, but has seen his Finance Minister, Pierre Moscovici, break ranks on the issue.
There's a softening of approach from the 15th as Venus is first to break ranks, probably for a chocolate biscuit or two as she slows things down by entering the sign of Taurus, seeking comfort and security in more peaceful times.
Summary: Williams have become the first of the current Formula One teams to break ranks and confirm their entry for the 2010 championship.
It will be won by the first major party to break ranks and give a firm commitment to independence from the political control of Brussels and negotiation of a trading arrangement.