break (one's) neck

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break (one's) neck

To put forth a great deal of effort. I've been breaking my neck trying to get a passing grade this semester, so failing by two measly points is incredibly frustrating. Don't break your neck trying to please these people—they'll never appreciate it.
See also: break, neck

break one's neck (to do something)

 and break one's back (to do something)
Fig. to work very hard to accomplish something. I broke my neck to get here on time. There is no point in breaking your back. Take your time.
See also: break, neck

break one's neck

see under break one's back.
See also: break, neck

break your neck to do something

exert yourself to the utmost to achieve something. informal
See also: break, neck, something

break your ˈneck (doing something/to do something)

(informal) make a great effort: There’s no need to break your neck trying to get here by five. We can always wait for you.
See also: break, neck

break (one's) neck

To make the utmost possible effort.
See also: break, neck
References in classic literature ?
They were happy to say that the reverend gentleman had been moved by the Spirit to accept the call, and on the ensuing Sabbath would break the bread of life for the brethren or break his neck in the attempt.
He'll break his neck yet," Peter Winn remarked, half-fiercely, half-proudly, as he led the way to the veranda.
Hans soon came to himself, and got upon his legs again, sadly vexed, and said to the shepherd, 'This riding is no joke, when a man has the luck to get upon a beast like this that stumbles and flings him off as if it would break his neck.
Luckily, on 'The Mindy Project' I play a character who could break his neck by falling out of his bunk bed and it's completely believable," he said.
Moscow Catch died after a heavy fall that appeared to break his neck and Lilla Sophia - who was only four-years-old and had raced only three times before - was destroyed after breaking a leg.