break ground

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break ground (for something)

to start digging the foundation for a building. The president of the company came to break ground for the new building. This was the third building this year for which this company has broken ground. When do they expect to break ground at the new site?
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break (new) ground

to do something that has never been done before Movie makers have broken ground in this film with their use of computer-generated special effects.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of break ground (to dig up land so you can plant crops or build something)
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break ground

Also, break new ground.
1. Begin digging into the earth for new construction of some kind. For example, When will they break ground for the town hall? This usage alludes to breaking up the land with a plow. [Early 1700s]
2. Take the first steps for a new venture; advance beyond previous achievements. For example, Jeff is breaking new ground in intellectual property law. [Early 1700s]
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break ground

1. To begin a new construction project.
2. To advance beyond previous achievements.
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Having secured 88 allotments from last year's round, the 164 would mean Woodridge could break ground on its 252-unit development as early as this year.
Its sister site - the mid-rise La Puerta de Vitalidad - is expected to break ground by March 1999.
PHOTO (color) Simi Valley officials break ground for Wood Ranch Elementary School, expected to open in 18 months and hold up to 600 students.
As we break ground on this park, we are one step closer to achieving our dream of waterfront access and waterfront recreation here in Wilmington," she continued.
We have had some very specific and deep interest from tenants, and as we break ground, I am sure we were right.
Cygnus' executives helped to break ground as well as other community leaders - City Manager John Wilmet, Industrial Development Corp.
Preble County and the Dayton region, the company will break ground this month on a 44,000-square-foot addition to its Eaton facility with new office and manufacturing space.
Dubai-based Sobha Group will break ground on its $3bn urban, mixed-use development in December with the project to be launched next month as Sobha Lifestyle.
1 billion steel mill in northeast Arkansas says he hopes to break ground on the project this fall if everything goes as planned.
UMC), the world's top two contract IC makers, will break ground on expansion projects in South Taiwan Science Park in April.
Rayven will break ground on the six-acre site in the Owatonna Industrial Park by the end of October.
The north clinic facility, expected to break ground in the early summer, will be a six-story, 194,400 square foot building on the USF Tampa campus.
However, the company's most ambitious project at the moment is a 12-story condominium building at 447 West 18th Street in Chelsea, for which they plan to break ground in February.
He said he hopes to break ground within five to eight months, pending the suit's resolution.
Oregon-based biofuels marketing and distribution company SeQuential Biofuels, LLC recently announced that plans are currently underway to break ground on a new biodiesel manufacturing plant in Oregon as part of a joint venture (JV) between SeQuential, Hawaii's Pacific Biodiesel, Inc.