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Racism has never been too far from Stephen's mind, on and off stage, and in Bread And Circuses he'll be musing over the fact that golliwog dolls can still be found on sale in seemingly civilised nations.
Today's bread and circuses are booze and the box but above all sport, as seen at the weekend with millions glued to screens showing the Lions and Murray.
THE VIEW Sunday Dundee band are heading for the charts again with this single from Bread And Circuses.
THE VIEW: Bread And Circuses * Chart by HMV Birmingham TOP 10 GAMES 1.
THE Romans tried to provide their citizens with bread and circuses.
Extrapolating from current economic trends, I'd wager that a fair number of those who witnessed Cheney's Bread and Circuses stunt are probably separated from economic disaster by a paycheck or two.
Not entirely unlike Antin, Pliny was a stoic in an age of bread and circuses, writing, seemingly undaunted (or at least unabated), at the foot of Mount Vesuvius.
The writer Juvenal - a sort of Blackadder pain in the toga to the corrupt Roman Establishment - pointed out that a cynical people expected only bread and circuses from their rulers.
It may be bread and circuses, but it was good bread and circus and just made for TV.
We are rapidly approaching the state of the Romans, who pacified the mob by providing its members with free bread and circuses in which the most dreadful violence was ritually demonstrated.
These rubes are folks who would otherwise be part of Jerry Springer's bread and circuses, but Dr.
I especially like the roster of foreign words/phrases often seen in English texts but not yet anointed by all lexical hunter-gatherers: These include the Chinook-jargon motto of Washington, al-ki, for by and by, and the spooky Latin panem et circenses, for bread and circuses, i.
Bread and circuses are needed to keep the people engrossed.
The state, as it has done since the days of ancient Rome, provides a cornucopia of bread and circuses.
And as with most witch-hunts, the constant Sturm und Drang of media hoopla functions as a contemporary incarnation of ancient Rome's bread and circuses, concealing far more important issues like crime, foreign policy, a failing Social Security system.