bread and butter

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bread and butter

1. noun A vital component of something. Bread and butter, as foodstuffs, are considered basic forms of sustenance. A flourishing stock market is the bread and butter of a successful country.
2. noun A job or task that provides one with a steady income. I'm an artist on the weekends, but being a tutor is my bread and butter.
3. adjective Providing financial stability. The phrase can be hyphenated when used as an adjective. I love any writing assignment where I can be creative, but I always make sure to pick up some bread-and-butter gigs to pay the bills.
4. adjective Typical or common. The phrase can be hyphenated when used as an adjective. My sister worries about everything, even the bread-and-butter tasks of everyday life.
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someone's bread and butter

Fig. someone's basic income; someone's livelihood—the source of one's food. I can't miss another day of work. That's my bread and butter. I worked as a bartender for a year, and it was the tips that were my bread and butter.
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your bread and butter

something that provides you with regular income Our customers are our bread and butter, so treat them with respect.
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somebody's bread and butter

a job or activity that provides you with the money you need to live Teaching at the local college is his bread and butter.
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bread and butter

1. The essential, sustaining element, as in The quality of the schools is the bread and butter of town property values. This idiom alludes to a basic food, bread spread with butter. [c. 1700]
2. Means of livelihood, as in John's job is the family's bread and butter. [First half of 1700s]
3. Ordinary, routine, as in Don't worry about it; this is just a bread and butter assignment. [Second half of 1800s]
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bread and butter

n. one’s livelihood. It’s bread and butter to me. I have to do it.
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To serve, ensure the bread and butter pudding has set, but still has a nice wobble.
Orange and apricot bread and butter pudding with vanilla ice cream form Glynn Purnell, left
Whisk the eggs and sugar together and add the milk, pour over the bread and butter and top up two minutes later because they will absorb slightly.
We have been making bread and butter pudding at Simply Heathcotes since the first menu 10 years ago, and it still retains its place as our best-selling dessert.
BREAD AND BUTTER PUDDING Ingredients (serves 4) 5 thin slices of white bread 75g butter 100g sultanas 220ml cream 220ml m ilk 50g sugar 1 vanilla pod split and seeds removed 3 eggs 25g icing sugar 50g marmalade Method 1.
And, although my mum has not been with us for some 20 years now, just the sight of a bread and butter pudding brings back memories of the days when a wonderful feast would miraculously appear on the table every Sunday followed by this amazing pudding.
Mash bread and butter together with your hands until bread is soft and textured like stuffing.
IN MY cook book, Heathcotes at Home, I wrote an alternative to my bread and butter pudding but with chocolate.
He does trim the crusts from the toast, cuts each sandwich diagonally and serves it with ``chilled bread and butter pickles.