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brave the elements

To go out into and endure bad or stormy weather. Usually used hyperbolically. Thank you for braving the elements to come pick me up. I know there's a slight drizzle, but if you can brave the elements, then you may go play outside for a while.
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put on a brave front

1. To appear or make oneself seem more courageous, resolute, or dauntless than one really feels. I could feel my knees shaking with terror before my commencement speech, but I put on a brave front and stepped out onto the stage to deliver it. This girl I'm dating has a big dog that I'm really scared of, but I'm trying to put on a brave front when it's around.
2. To react to or face difficulties, setbacks, or adversity with high spirits or good cheer. John's been putting on a brave front ever since his wife left him, but I can tell that he is devastated on the inside. I really didn't want to spend Thanksgiving with my wife's parents, but I put on a brave front and suffered through it with a smile.
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brave something out

to endure something; to put up with something courageously. I don't know if all the men can brave the attack out. The soldiers braved out the attack.
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Fortune favors the brave.

 and Fortune favors the bold.
Prov. You will have good luck if you carry out your plans boldly. (Used to encourage people to have the courage to carry out their plans.) Fortune favors the bold, Bob. Quit your day job and work on your novel full-time. Jill: Let's wait till next year before trying to start our own business. Jane: No. We'll do it this year. Fortune favors the brave.
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None but the brave deserve the fair.

Prov. Only a courageous and gallant man deserves a beautiful woman.; Only the best deserves the best. Stop making excuses and just call Gina. None but the brave deserve the fair.
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put on a brave face

to act confident in a difficult situation put up a brave front The engineers have put on a brave face, saying the telescope can easily be repaired.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form put a brave face on something: She puts a brave face on everything, but you know that she is worried.
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put up a brave front

See: put on a brave face
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put a brave face/front on something

to behave in a way that makes people think you are happy when you are not They've had some bad luck, but they've put a brave face on their problems. She's very ill but she's putting a brave front on it. (= making people believe her illness does not worry her)
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brave face, put on a

Also, put up a brave front.
1. Face adversity cheerfully. For example, Even though she had been passed over for promotion, she put on a brave face.
2. Try to appear brave even though very frightened. For example, Harry was terrified of animals, but his boss was a dog lover, so he put up a brave front . [Second half of 1800s]
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brave it out

1. Face danger or a difficult situation with courage. For example, They had far fewer votes than the opposition, but they decided to brave it out. [Late 1500s]
2. Also, brazen it out. Boast or swagger, act with impudent bravado. For example, They hadn't been invited but decided to stay and brazen it out. [Mid-1500s]
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brave the elements

Go out in stormy weather, as in We've just about run out of food; I'll brave the elements and walk to the store. The use of elements for atmospheric agencies dates from the early 16th century but is rare today except in this expression, which is often used hyperbolically.
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brave out

To endure something with great courage: The explorers braved out the hot weather and dangerous animals during their journey. It will be a tough game against such strong players, but you should brave it out and play as well as you can.
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The most impressive example of such an approach, Braver says, is the Irvine Ranch Water District in Orange County, which 9 years ago issued every customer an individualized water budget.
Recognizing the powerful marketing support that GEICO puts behind the fan-favorite team, Braver concurred.
Braver brings the track record andtechnical expertise in tactical investing and Jefferson National provides the tools to manage taxes at the lowest cost.
Chapter 1 is dedicated to constructing an analytic definition of realism in the form of a set of six theses (the "Realism Matrix"), so as to contrast it later with the "Anti-Realist Matrix" which Braver develops in the course of his analysis of continental thought.
It would take a brave man to bet against Man United taking the Premiership and Champions League - and a braver one still to back Fergie to step down if he does the double.
He tells our sons it takes a braver person to walk away from a fight but he is always there to help others.
The older students proved to be braver and more daring, dangling the squirming frogs over her chest.
After November 8, when you regain a sense of control, you will feel braver.
THE spread firms have been braver than their fixed-odds counterparts where the Celtic League, which starts a new season tonight, is concerned.
but for valiant heroes of our country there can be none braver than former boxer Michael Watson.
For all the work out there designed to make us feel less than moral, there's too little art like Celmins's, which shows us a way of being human that is stronger, quieter, braver, and less needy than we know ourselves to be.
And perhaps part of what makes the rich different from you and me is that they are braver.
Nolan served as the Managing Director of Braver Business Strategies of Newton, Massachusetts.
Legal & General Insurance revealed its findings which forms part of a wider campaign to collate the advice Britons would give to their younger selves found that 19 per cent of those surveyed say they wish they could tell their younger self to work harder at school, 16 per cent would say to be braver, 15 per cent would say 'don't smoke',' 8 per cent would say look after your health, 6 per cent would say spend more time with loved ones, a further 6 per cent would say 'don't worry about the little things' and 3 per cent would recommend paying more attention to parents advice.
Together, with our youth, we can create a kinder, braver world where everyone is accepted for the person they were born to be.