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brand new

Completely new and unused. The word "brand" here comes from Old English for fire or flame; thus, something that is brand new is likened to that which is forged in—and fresh out of—fire. I bought Jim a brand-new computer for his birthday. That car is brand new, so be extra careful when you drive it.
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(brand) spanking new

mod. completely new; brand new. Look at that brand spanking new car!
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cigarette with no name

and no brand cigarette and no name cigarette
n. a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs.) You got one of them cigarettes with no name? Bud’s been smoking no name cigarettes again.
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no brand cigarette

See also: brand, cigarette

off-brand cigarette

n. a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs.) Shorty smokes nothing but those off-brand cigarettes.
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The ACCO World Corporation unit of Fortune Brands is a world leader in branded office products.
Branded Coffee, juice and soup outlets by change in units
Branded Hotel Restaurants by change in number of units
an international, branded consumer products company, announced today that it has entered into a sole licensing agreement with Synchronicity and Out of the Box, to represent and license WHAM-O's portfolio of innovative toys, sporting goods and recreational products.
is an international, branded consumer products company with a diversified portfolio of innovative toys, sporting goods and recreational products.
As branded competition grows tighter and generics increasingly threaten market share, companies work within condensed product timelines to recoup their enormous R&D costs and turn a profit.
Additionally, Busby Ltd will create a line of Surfer branded shorts and board shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts and headwear for boys.
TS2 has both branded and created brands of its own.
AMEX: ROX), an emerging developer and global marketer of premium branded spirits headquartered in New York, today announced two appointments to its executive management team.
Insight Marketing Model, ensuring a fully stocked pipeline of new products, driving branded service and training, and seeking major productivity gains.
Within Alcoa Consumer Products, there are four businesses that globally manufacture and market branded and private label products.
This one-day symposium for entertainment, consumer brand, licensing and technology companies will explore the challenges and opportunities of mobile and digital licensing and help learn how to best take advantage of this profitable phenomenon through branded content, viable business models, advertising, and licensing strategies.
Increase the value of their branded website for consumers with incentives