brains out

your brains out

as much as possible The people in this town want to go to the game and scream their brains out all afternoon.
Related vocabulary: your ass off
See also: brain, out
References in classic literature ?
They are very anxious to see me blow my brains out," said Hippolyte, bitterly.
I'll go and blow my brains out in the park,' says he,' so as not to disturb anyone.
Since you must have observed yourself that this is no joke, and since at least half your guests must also have concluded that after all that has been said this youth MUST blow his brains out for honour's sake--I--as master of this house, and before these witnesses, now call upon you to take steps.
As a cheerful human dynamo of glitz, she appeals to the audience-inner-child, which craves conditional love, and will perform our brains out until we get it.