bow to

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bow to something

to accept something without really wanting to The government says it will not bow to pressure to allow untested drugs to be used.
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It was lighter in mass, it had more relaxation in draw, and it was an easier bow to tune and haul around the woods and hunt with in a treestand.
They provide balance to the bow, moving the centre of mass to a point just in front of the handle, removing any tendency for the bow to tip.
The photographs functioned in several different senses of "bow": with the tension of the archer's bow, the lyrical pull of a violinist's bow, and the cut of a ship's bow through water-all arranged and presented, of course, with a deep, theatrical bow to the viewer.
And if you're selling a bow to a young teenager, another thing is adjustability, both in draw length and draw weight, so it can grow with the child.
Flight shooters are only interested in a large initial velocity, whereas target archers want a bow to shoot smoothly and accurately.
Car dealers have found that when they add a King Size car bow to any car sale it becomes a holiday gift to remember.
In general terms, forgiveness is the ability of a bow to "forgive" certain mistakes in form.
Essentially, the Quick Draw & Tune Accessory is an onboard drawing board that safely allows you to take the bow to full draw while it's loaded and compressed.
The net proceeds from the new equity commitment will be used by Medicine Bow to acquire and exploit crude oil and natural gas producing properties in the major onshore basins in the United States.
Even companies that build the finest compounds are adding the old-time bow to their line.
Actuate Corporation (Nasdaq:ACTU), the Information Delivery market leader, today announced the appointment of John Bow to vice president of its e.
Marketing may bring a particular bow to the forefront of our minds, but more tangible qualities should govern our actual purchase.
What I've learned over the years about traditional bows is what every King's archer knew almost 700 years ago: A proper tune is essential if you want your bow to perform at its maximum potential.
It is possible for one bow to fit all of the criteria you consider, but more often than not, concessions must be made in the selection process.
There's also a misconception you need more than a 55-pound traditional bow to cleanly kill big game.