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The Saudi holidaymaker was cited admitting to prosecutors that he purchased the knife from the grocery and stabbed the bouncer after they had a fight.
Christian Lidster, 31, has lost an eye after being shot by a Polish nightclub bouncer <B Wales News Service
Former Australia wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist said that bouncers were all part of the game but that modifications could be made to helmets.
Revellers in the city were disgusted after some bouncers on the hit programme called them "inbreds", "idiots" and "mongos".
She realised that the three bouncers and manager were intimidating her friend, having formed a menacing circle around him.
A CEREBRAL palsy sufferer claims he was refused entry to a pub when bouncers mistook his disability for drunkenness.
Union of Teachers (NUT) annual conference in Cardiff: "I know of bouncers being employed specifically because they are bouncers to cover lessons.
Our bouncers managed to hold the door for 25 minutes, but I told them to stand down in the end.
He told them he was 20 but the bouncer said, 'I don't believe you - you got any ID?
Approaching their car, which was approximately 40 feet from the bar, Delgado noticed that there was no bouncer posted outside.
When his daughter turned 2 earlier this month, Schiff and his wife, Eve, rented a moon bouncer.
Torence Harris and Greg Krebs allege that on July 29, 1997, a Gay 90's bouncer told them they couldn't enter the bar because they were not gay.
LOS ANGELES -- Bouncer Depot, a manufacturer of commercial grade inflatable water slides, has wowed inflatable lovers everywhere by making one of the world's largest inflatable Slip N' Slides measuring at a whopping 150 feet
First, she returns to one of her favourite roles, playing Bunty the Bouncer at the Epstein Theatre.
Dubai: A tourist has been accused of trying to kill a bouncer who kicked him out of a nightclub because he was not old enough [under 21] to enter the premises.