bounce off

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bounce off (of something)

to rebound from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The ball bounced off the wall and struck a lamp. It hit the wall and bounced off.
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bounce something off (of) someone or something

1. Lit. to make something rebound off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) She bounced the ball off the wall, turned, and tossed it to Wally. She bounced the ball off of Harry, into the wastebasket.
2. and bounce something off Fig. to try an idea or concept out on someone or a group. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Let me bounce off this idea, if I may. Can I bounce something off of you people, while you're here?
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bounce off

1. To cause something to rebound from something: She bounced the tennis ball off the wall.
2. To rebound from something or someone: The basketball hit the rim and bounced off.
3. To present some idea or thought to someone for comment or approval: I have been thinking about what we should do next, so let me bounce a few ideas off you.
See also: bounce, off
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The bounces in the first 20 minutes were all with the Penguins, who got a fluke goal when a shot appeared to bounce off Lemieux, hit New York defenseman Ulf Samuelsson in the face and trickle into the net.
Nonetheless, despite the great affinity of sulfuric acid for water, a significant fraction of the bombarding molecules of heavy water bounce off instead of sticking.
In an effort to to become more competitive, Oxigen Apps, has already released two of their apps to the iOS marketplace; Bounce Off and Compass 2015 have been available on the iTunes store since July 2015.
Some of the X-rays produced by these episodes then bounced off gas clouds about thirty to a hundred light years away from the black hole, similar to how the sound from a person's voice can bounce off canyon walls.
92 with the bounce off the lows fueled by a EUR-JPY bounce off 122.
These sound waves bounce off objects, like insects and trees.
When a person "sees" an object, his or her eye senses many different waves of visible light as they bounce off the object.
But his five-iron approach shot to the 18th green from 235 yards out needed a helpful bounce off a bank in the rough before rolling up to the hole.
GOLF: A lucky bounce off the rocks for a closing birdie gave Luke Donald something to smile about after a difficult day at Pebble Beach in the AT&T National Pro-Am.
when he looked in his rear-view mirror and saw a black Mustang veer across four lanes of traffic, bounce off the guard rail and collide with the bottom of his trailer.
That's just the time it took sunlight to travel to Jupiter, bounce off, and reach Earth on those days.
Minneapolis, MN), suggests using his company's LT3 laser sensor, which measures the time for laser light to bounce off a surface three to five meters away.
DANE Thomas Bjorn, bidding for his first major title, got a helpful bounce off a spectator to give him a brief spell as joint leader.
Should the stock successfully bounce off support at its 10-week and 20-week moving averages, it could send many of these bears scrambling for the exits, creating a fresh wave of buying power.
Summary: Our Forex trading signals continue selling the US dollar against the Canadian dollar, but there are signs that the USDCAD may bounce off of nearby support.