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been there, done that, bought the T-shirt

A jocular, sarcastic, or condescending expression of familiarity and/or boredom with a certain situation or thing. Refers to buying a T-shirt as a souvenir from a tourist destination as a memento. Oh, you're going to Paris this summer? Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.
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bought the farm

Died. Did you hear that old Walt bought the farm? What a shame—at least he got to spend 92 years on this earth.
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As I bought drinks--others treated as well--the thought flickered across my mind that Mammy Jennie wasn't going to be repaid much on her loan out of that week's earnings of the Razzle Dazzle.
The plot is bought and paid for--the final installment was made up, in part, out of my commissions from you.
em, it'll be because your friends have bought 'em for you, for you're dependent upon
I never asked anybody to buy the things in for me and my children; though there's the linen I spun, and I thought when Tom was born,--I thought one o' the first things when he was lying i' the cradle, as all the things I'd bought wi' my own money, and been so careful of, 'ud go to him.
I should be so loath for 'em to buy it at the Golden Lion," said the poor woman, her heart swelling, and the tears coming,--"my teapot as I bought when I was married, and to think of its being scratched, and set before the travellers and folks, and my letters on it,--see here, E.
She can agree to the list o' things to be bought in.
Make sure the valuation provisions don't provide an incentive for new shareholders to cause a triggering event and be bought out.
Among those who have already bought their gift, 49% of unmarried men in relationships say they have bought jewelry, compared to only one-third of married men.
The likelihood that a husband will buy his wife jewelry decreases with time: 23% of men married for 26 years or longer have bought jewelry this holiday season.
Unless men are told directly what to buy, it's unlikely that they have bought their present: 51% of men who say they have not been told directly what to buy have not yet bought a present.
Another highflier that gave the club members a boost was Infoseek, which they bought for $43 a share and unloaded at $49.
They bought Knight/Trimark initially for a split-adjusted $23.
Their best stock was Oracle, which they bought at a split-adjusted $39.
with that in mind, our researchers believe that this is bearish information about investors who bought in recently.
Best Book Buys is also the first online shopping comparison site to have a Buyback Search Service, which allows students to search for the best prices to sell back their textbooks whether or not they bought their books online.