bother with

bother someone with someone or something

 and bother someone about someone or something
to annoy someone with someone or something; to worry someone about someone or something. (Either a physical annoyance or a mental annoyance.) Don't bother me with that! Don't bother yourself about the bill. I'll pay it.
See also: bother

bother with someone or something

to take the time or trouble to deal with someone or something. (Usually negative.) Please don't bother with Jill. She can take care of herself. Don't bother me with your problems.
See also: bother
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Then again, Hollywood was too busy cranking out franchises like ``Friday the 13th'' (nine movies), ``Halloween'' (six) and ``Nightmare on Elm Street'' (six) to bother with unprofitable invention.
Blair Witch'' doesn't bother with gore or guts or glorified serial killers.
He didn't bother with nobody, didn't mess with nobody.