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James Lacey (Jim) Dent * Born May 9, 1939 in Augusta, Ga.
Lee Elder * Born July 14, 1934 in Dallas, Texas; turned pro in 1959 and joined PGA Tour in 1967; won the 1974 Monsanto Open to become the first African-American to qualify for the Masters; won $1,020,514 in official PGA Tour earnings.
In contrast, clients born in Sub-Saharan Africa who tested positive for HIV had lived in the United States for only about three years, and they had immigrated, on average, at age 24.
Born in Chicago, Di Sylvestro is known for his work with green sand control.
Born in Finland, Granlund was involved in the evaluations for both original furannobake as well as aluminum silicates as possible molding aggregates.
After adjusting for the effects of these factors, as well as race and ethnicity, the investigators found that relative to infants born to women aged 23-29, babies born to the youngest mothers had the highest odds of postneonatal mortality (odds ratio, 3.
Hypothesizing that single mothers have less social support than married mothers, and that this difference may affect their infants' health, the researchers also examined the risk of postneonatal death among infants born to unmarried women.
Born in South Africa, Kent moved to Vancouver as a 19-year-old.
Born in India and trained in Switzerland, Patel found a congenial working environment at the NFB in the 1970s.
The brother of Vincent Massey, the first Canadian born Governor General, Massey was being groomed for an illustrious career in the family business when, during WWI, an impromptu minstrel show led him into a post-war acting career on the British stage.
Born, Toronto, 1958, Raised in small Ontario towns by Dutch Calvinist parents, Rozema's first directorial feature.