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bore through (someone or something)

1. Literally, to create a hole in an object or material. You're going to need a special drill to bore through something this thick.
2. By extension, to penetrate one's inner self or emotions, often in a deeply affecting way. I had to turn around and look at the mysterious man because his gaze just bore through me.
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boring old fart

An older person, typically male, especially one whose views or attitudes are considered boring or old-fashioned. Ah, don't mind that boring old fart. He's just cantankerous because he isn't up to speed with the way of today's youth. I've fully embraced that I'm going to be a boring old fart when I get older.
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boring, silly, etc. in the exˈtreme

extremely boring, silly, etc: I must admit, it’s puzzling in the extreme just how these books found their way here.
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boring old fart

and BOF
phr. & comp. abb. a very boring older person. (see also birds of a feather.) Bob’s dad is a vintage BOF. But all old guys are. Don’t be a boring old fart. Let’s go out tonight.
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To withstand extreme conditions, engineers custom built a 10 m (33 ft)-wide tunnel boring machine (TBM).
Two major causes of bottlenecks have been the downtime required for boring machine operators to change drill bits or to readjust boring measurements and set-ups required for different parts.
The Digital Bore Measuring Tool is compatible with all Climax boring machines with bars up to 2 1/4 inches in diameter.
In order to avoid confusion with their former company, MDS Boring & Drilling Inc.
The Icon Group offers the finest shoring products, including cost-efficient, customized slide-rail sheeting systems, as well as the newest aluminum and steel trench box systems, hydraulic shoring boxes, boring and tank pits, DOT-approved tunnel access pits and more.
Years ago there were feed-through boring machines that required a lot of changeover time to go from one pattern to another," Wade said.
Shield tunnel boring machine is a kind of specialized engineering machinery for tunneling.
The caller wanted to talk about Lee's career in the auger boring industry, how he has come to be regarded by many as the most knowledgeable expert in the auger boring industry.
recently introduced Bore Pilot[TM], a horizontal irectional drilling (HDD) tutorial on that is described as being intended to provide civil engineers, contractors, and operators with essential information before, during and after the HDD boring process.
This new range of boring and precision boring tools features a modular ScrewFit adaptor and an imbalance compensation capability.
In the November 2003 "Tooling around" column we looked at what causes chatter in boring operations (see the Archives link at Tooling and Production's website: www.
With a deep rumble and a cracking of earth, a massive boring machine Wednesday morning ate through the last foot of dirt beneath the streets of Hollywood, finishing what might be the last Los Angeles subway tunneling project.
Boring machines represent a vital piece of equipment in most woodworking operations.
New Century, under its brand name Century Turn, specializes in manufacturing, remanufacturing and retrofitting machine tools, primarily Vertical Boring Mills and large Lathes.