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She bore two sons Otus and Ephialtes, but both were short lived.
We mourned you as much as we mourned Achilles son of Peleus himself, nor can the blame be laid on anything but on the spite which Jove bore against the Danaans, for it was this that made him counsel your destruction--come hither, therefore, bring your proud spirit into subjection, and hear what I can tell you.
His comrades bore Sarpedon out of the fight, in great pain by the weight of the spear that was dragging from his wound.
His comrades then bore Sarpedon away and laid him beneath Jove's spreading oak tree.
For the sweat caused by the hand that bore the weight of his shield irritated the hurt: his arm was weary with pain, and he was lifting up the strap to wipe away the blood.
This may include conditioning a new rifle bore that has not been lapped, particularly those of lesser quality, or bores with some use.
True cannons begin with 4 bores, as this is the size of most swivel cannons.
This paper describes an innovative CAE method for calculating substrate temperatures and coating residual stresses for thermally sprayed engine bores.
5 poly carrier pipe; 6 ea cased highway bores with 200 lf of 20" dr 32.
Large tidal bores are caused by high tides, which push more water up the river.
Simply use an extra set of bearing mounts to line bore one set of bores while bore welding another, which cuts your work time.
Of course when the topic of big bores rises its head the .
Similarly, the licenses of prohibited bores were also issued to Malik Ishaq by the federal government but not by the Punjab government.
It provided the means to make short, relatively large-diameter bores of 50 to 100 feet.
Yet, lately I've been hearing from shooters who first do the entire laborious, expensive shoot-and-scrub routine and then apply UBC to their bores.