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be out of (one's) mind with (something)

To feel something strongly, often boredom. I was out of my mind with boredom during that lecture this afternoon.
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die of boredom

To die because one is so bored. Used figuratively and hyperbolically. If that staff meeting hadn't ended when it did, I would have died of boredom!
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die of boredom

Fig. to be very bored. No one has ever really died of boredom. We sat there and listened politely, even though we almost died of boredom.
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The activities are categorised as active, passive, interactive, creative or sensory and the idea is that by mixing these up and stopping an activity at the right time, boredom and restlessness will be minimised.
Summarizing, this study's contribution is the derivation of incidents that explain the role of boredom in FLE performance.
With only a third of parents initially saying they let a bored child figure it out on their own, and even fewer strongly agreeing that occasional boredom can be good for a child, it appears many parents aren't using boredom as constructively as they could.
En el segundo estudio se realizo un analisis de validez convergente entre la EAL y el Dutch Boredom Scale (DUBS).
This suggests that college students who are prone to boredom are at a high risk for displaying the attitude of anti-intellectualism, particularly if they are of the younger, traditional age group.
Doing nothing leads to something inventive so often that boredom ought to be a welcome guest.
Wegner and Flisher (2009), in their systematic review, pointed to not only a dearth of empirical literature in which leisure boredom as it relates to substance use and abuse and risky behavior among adolescents has been explored, but also contradictory results in the few studies that have been conducted (Iwasaki, 2007; Palen et al.
That's when I decided to do my research on boredom.
There are a lot of approaches and solutions to end boredom and deal with ennui, so that we do not become its slave.
Game Flow: Hitting a Sweet Spot Between Boredom and Rage Gamification Co - Concourse Exhibition Center LIVE + ON-DEMAND By now, hundreds of gamification tools have been developed-ranging from something as simple as points, badges and leaderboards, to different kinds of ranks and reputations.
Boredom quickly set in as I had over prepared and there wasn't much else I could do.
These have spawned corresponding increases in direct instruction and memorization requirements--stressors that increase boredom and damage the brain.
We can tentatively describe boredom as a state of emotional flatness and resigned indifference, something that grips us more or less involuntarily, without necessarily having an identifiable cause, shape or object.
Johannesburg, Feb 19 ( ANI ): World number one Serena Williams has revealed that she had requested a wildcard entry for the Dubai Championships to battle boredom once she believed her back injury was on the mend.
As part of North Tyneside's Ban Boredom initiative, a number of sessions are running at Burradon Community and Recreation Centre.