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Those most likely to be bored were young women, and those who reported they had been very bored were found to be more likely to die of a heart problem than those who hadn't reported being bored.
It comes as no surprise to learn that a percentage of us are bored with work at times, and deciding what to eat on a daily basis can be tedious.
The researchers say that 55 per cent of those surveyed said that they got bored of having to watch the pennies and budget to get through the month.
According to them, another 47 per cent of the people questioned said that they quickly became bored waiting in queues to be served.
As a result, the counselor is guessing what Sara wants and Sara leaves the conversation feeling no less bored than when she started.
The micro-processor, according to the program keyed, causes the workpieces to be located before the heads, clamped and bored, thereby generating the required pattern of holes.
Contractors like the relatively low cost of making an auger bored installation compared to other trenchless methods, and there are a large number of contractors with auger boring machines and the experience to use them effectively.
Precision holes can be bored using micro-adjustable boring bars.
The long distance runner does not experience boredom because he is not bored with himself.
People who become and remain distance runners are people who aren't bored with the long hours of training because they enjoy their own mental processes.
We bored from the outside and came up through the bottom of the finished fireplace.
5" diameter and 79" total length are bored with special bars, maintaining the required |+ or -~0.
Reardon said his company's new boring system is one of the first of its type to go into service, and it effectively bored through the varying soils encountered on each river bore using' Ditch Witch slantnose drill bits.