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boo someone off the stage

 and boo someone off
to jeer and hoot, causing a performer to leave the stage. The rude audience booed the performer off the stage. The audience booed off the comedian.
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can't say boo to a goose

Rur. shy and not talkative. I was surprised to see Joe so talkative at the party. Usually he can't say boo to a goose. She's a quiet little kid. Can't say boo to a goose.
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n. a person who boos frequently at games or other public events. The catcher turned and stared right at the loudmouthed boo-bird. Everybody knew what he was thinking.


1. n. an error. (see also make a boo-boo.) It’s only a small boo-boo. Don’t stress yourself.
2. n. a hurt; a cut; a bruise. She has a little boo-boo on her knee.

make a boo-boo

tv. to make an error. (see also boo-boo.) Everybody makes a boo-boo every now and then.
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not say boo

  (American informal)
to say nothing She expected the boss to be really angry, but he didn't say boo.
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wouldn't say boo to a goose

  (British informal) also wouldn't say boo/wouldn't say boo to a fly (American/Australian informal/informal)
if someone wouldn't say boo to a goose, they are shy and nervous She wouldn't say boo to a goose, so I don't think she's cut out for a career in the police. I remember her as a quiet little girl who wouldn't say boo.
See also: boo, goose, say, to
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And he has called on Welsh fans to make their feelings known to anyone who boos a player in the future.
Judge Robert C Kelly faces boos and jeers every week on the hit RTE show.
Ian Botham had an obscene amount of boos directed at him whenever he toured Australia and an even more obscene amount of booze.