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boon companion

One's close or closest friend, especially someone with whom one enjoys spending time or sharing activities. My wife and I are also boon companions—we do everything together!
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ace boom-boom

and ace boon-coon
n. one’s good and loyal friend. (Black. Ace boon-coon is not as common as the first entry and is objected to because of coon.) Hey girlfriend, you are my ace boom-boom. Where is my old ace boon-coon, bro?
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ace boon-coon

See also: ace


in. to leave the road in a car for the boondocks. Tom has a four-wheel-drive so we can really boon!
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Considering that NetherRealms' Boon has been continuing his rounds of cryptic teasers regarding Mortal Kombat--and fewer now would be for the sequel "Injustice: Gods Among Us"--it won't be a surprise that a "Mortal Kombat" game will be coming.
V" is the new "vs" - Ed Boon (@noobde) (https://twitter.
Even though "Injustice: Gods Among Us as a sequel may come after "Mortal Kombat 10" or "Mortal Kombat X," Boon did mention something via Twitter:
Grieving grandad Derek Looms - whose Hartshill home overlooks the 100ft deep Boons Quarry - had watched through binoculars as a police helicopter circled overhead on Tuesday evening, without realising that it was part of a 999 rescue operation for grandson Jay Harris.
This year Mills and Boon are celebrating 100 years of publishing.
The company was started in 1908 by two Englishmen, Gerald Mills and Charles Boon, who aimed to publish a mix of fiction and non-fiction before focusing on the lucrative market for romantic novels.
Now 200million Mills & Boon books are sold worldwide every year, more than 13million of them in Britain.
Mills & Boon is even listed in the Oxford English Dictionary, with a definition that reads "romantic story book".
But as I see it, the electric light and the automobile were great inventions and boons to the economy, but if your business was oil lamps or buggy whips, as Paul Reiser might have said on Mad About You, `Not so very much.
All your [Bill Feldman's] analogies are good ones--the internet is revolutionizing the world's communication in ways we hadn't even imagined-and will clearly be a tremendous boon for society (and probably the economy).