in the boondocks

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*in the boondocks

 and *in the boonies
in a rural area; far away from a city or population. (*Typically: be ~; camp ~; live ~; stay ~.) Perry lives out in the boonies with his parents.
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However, making connections between Wright and contemporary artists is a major imperative of this essay, so the focus will primarily deal with Black Boy, The White Boy Shuffle, and The Boondocks.
Out in the boondocks, the post offices are often alifeline, sometimes the only facility for miles.
Last November, The Boondocks empire expanded when a TV adaptation of the comic strip debuted on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
Other papers refuse on some days to run Boondocks strips, when McGruder's satirical knife is especially sharp.
Baker, who estimates that he earned about $150,000 in 2003, also illustrated Birth of a Nation, a graphic novel due out this year, written by The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder and writer/director Reginald Hudlin.
Boondocks Productions wants people to take part in a short film for the Welsh Development Agency.
Can you imagine," Davidson says, "what a boondocks, what an armpit.
Aaron McGruder, who draws The Boondocks, has seen his strip taken out of many papers after September 11 for its anti-war content.
Instead of the studied silence of many comic strips, the young African-American characters in The Boondocks have tackled the war in Afghanistan.
Next Friday, they're celebrating the return of Top of the Pops to the BBC Television Centre with an hour-long special after being cast out in the boondocks for 10 years.
The broadcast seemed to be coming from a high school gym in the British boondocks where the candidates and their supporters had assembled.
Satellite is not just for the boondocks," he said, "many high-end ISPs have a backlog of 2,000 customers waiting for digital links.
Those yahoos in the hinterlands who robbed, killed, and tied Matthew Shepard to a fence post may have been just as influenced by class envy, aimed at rich kids whose parents send them to prestigious schools--as Shepard's did--while the losers in life's lottery collect aluminum cans for a living or fish for catfish in the boondocks.
Nike is doing just fine in the boondocks of Beaverton, OR; tool manufacturer Stanley has not only earned global prosperity from its headquarters in tiny New Britain, CT, it incorporated the town's Norman Rockwellian milieu into a successful ad campaign; and Microsoft's move from New Mexico to the Seattle area in 1979 was based on the founders' "gut feelings" about the place (cofounder Paul Allen, for one, figured the perpetual overcast would encourage employees to stay inside and work).
Eager not to miss the wall-to-wall coverage of the scandal on CNN, folk in the boondocks have boosted sales of cable TV subscriptions by pounds 30 million.