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boon companion

One's close or closest friend, especially someone with whom one enjoys spending time or sharing activities. My wife and I are also boon companions—we do everything together!
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ace boom-boom

and ace boon-coon
n. one’s good and loyal friend. (Black. Ace boon-coon is not as common as the first entry and is objected to because of coon.) Hey girlfriend, you are my ace boom-boom. Where is my old ace boon-coon, bro?
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ace boon-coon

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in. to leave the road in a car for the boondocks. Tom has a four-wheel-drive so we can really boon!
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I'm disgusted with the sports writers and I certainly won't be going to the awards," said Boon.
As the enemy planes left the airspace over the harbor, Boon was dispatched to find wounded and assist with cleanup.
In the original dangerous driving, Boon claimed he thought the unmarked police car chasing him was his partner's ex.
They went there and found the car, which had no registration number, and a police dog tracked Mr Boon to a nearby house.
Boon added that he was surprised when the gate opened and he was able to drive out - so he did so and drove home.
Boon Edam selected Fuze following a lengthy consultation process, in which employee user groups from the company tested and compared several unified communications (UC) vendors.
Tue, 30 May : India v Bangladesh, The Oval (10h30): Marais Erasmus and Nigel Llong (on-field), Aleem Dar (third umpire), Bruce Oxenford (fourth umpire), David Boon (match referee)
Mr Boon, 72, said: "There must be thousands of others like me who didn't know they had a soakaway and therefore do not have to pay this charge, but United Utilities are keeping it quiet.
Following the publication of the first two Modern Girl's Guides, The Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Helping Yourself will be released on 29 December 2016 and a fourth title, The Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Happy Endings, will be published on 26 January 2017.
Every five seconds there is a new Mills & Boon book sold somewhere in the UK.
That is not vindictive as DM Boon says, it is a fact.
By Tushar Bhaduri in New Delhi A BIG pay packet can get the attention of the best of players, and becoming the most expensive player in the history of the Hero Hockey India League ( HIL) has certainly motivated Tom Boon to give his best in the franchise- based competition's next season in early 2015.
Jadeja was fined 50 per cent of his match fee by David Boon of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees, who found him not guilty of the offence which he was originally charged with, but found him guilty under Article 2.
com today announced that it will be restocking popular brand Boon Muay Thai in big numbers later this month.
Boon, a shaggy-haired 15-year-old from Brownsville, clearly remembers the day two years ago when a friend showed him a video of YouTube personality and dubstep street dancer Scott performing atop the Great Wall of China.