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boon companion

One's close or closest friend, especially someone with whom one enjoys spending time or sharing activities. My wife and I are also boon companions—we do everything together!
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ace boom-boom

and ace boon-coon
n. one’s good and loyal friend. (Black. Ace boon-coon is not as common as the first entry and is objected to because of coon.) Hey girlfriend, you are my ace boom-boom. Where is my old ace boon-coon, bro?
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ace boon-coon

See also: ace


in. to leave the road in a car for the boondocks. Tom has a four-wheel-drive so we can really boon!
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Users simply install the Android app on their smartphone, then register with boon and that's it - they can make contact payments within just a few seconds.
I have no knowledge as to what DM Boon thinks of bribing the National Government, although he seems to think that anyone standing against it is 'disgusting' so maybe he supports it.
Boon is a lethal forward and is also deadly from penalty corners, which might have prompted the new franchise to loosen the purse strings to acquire the Belgian.
When accepted, the information they have chosen to upload to their Boon profile is automatically sent to the appropriate business to be considered for the opportunity.
More than just playing chapters, Boon also revealed the possibility of jumping from time to time, with flashbacks possibly being playable as the story goes on.
The hearing lasted nearly 150 minutes before Mr Boon and included oral statements by the players, video footage and cross-examination of the witnesses by Kendrah Potts, counsel representing the ECB, and Jonathan Ellis, who represented Jadeja.
Boon Muay Thai boxing gloves and training vests as well as customisable Muay Thai shorts and T-shirts will be available UK wide when the shipment lands.
He did this little move on his leg, and I was totally blown away by that," Boon said.
com, aligns with the new identity incorporating bold imagery to provide a better suited portrayal of The Boon Group today, as well as the products, services and solutions they offer.
Andrew was clear in his assessment that Merv had been a good selector and a strong contributor around the selection table, but that Cox, Boon and Chappell were the better options to continue on the NSP.
Mr Boon said: "We want to provide good service and good food, especially for corporate clients.
Boons are also enslaved females who occasionally castrate their rapist male owners (although the Professor's boon, named Ruthie, sticks to writing nonsense poetry).
Mills and Boon, a publisher of romance novels, is to rebrand the covers of its books with a 1970s style retro-theme.
Bernstein should not lend Boon Huat the money as it is not a small sum.
Paul Boon said at the annual congress of the European Federation of Neurological Societies.