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Raymond James is acting as financial advisor to Booker.
Despite the boost, Britain's biggest supermarket could still be in for a bumpy ride after Institutional Shareholder Services recommended Booker investors oppose the deal.
Eleven months after the shooting guard dropped 70 points against Boston to become the youngest player in NBA history to score even 60 in a game, Booker added another accolade to his promising career with the 3-Point title.
The boards of both Tesco and Booker agreed the merger in January last year.
Video footage captured the moment when Pollard surprised Booker outside of Willie G's the day after Christmas.
Booker, in his 13th 30-point game of the season, was 14 of 15 at the foul line, 11-for-11 in the second half.
After graduating from high school in Youngstown, Booker enrolled himself at the Youngstown College but later took a transfer to Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia.
It comes despite the CMA having earlier raised fears over 350 local areas of overlap between Tesco and Booker where it feared the deal could lead to "worse terms".
While 50 per cent of Tesco investors must back it, the threshold is 75 per cent for Booker shareholders.
And, despite what Booker called a demonstrated "hostility" toward "civil rights, equal rights, and justice for all of our citizens," he said he believed Sessions would uphold the laws if confirmed.
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Booker - already the largest cash and carry chain with more than 172 wholesale outlets and supplying over 129,000 independent retailers - expects the acquisition to be completed by September 14.
Property records show Booker purchased the house in 2000 for $39,000.
Booker is committed to providing innovative booking tools that provide our customers with solutions to increase profits and enhance the guest experience," said Josh McCarter, chief executive officer, Booker.
The Safe Bet Booker has been identified as one who book his flights as early as possible, reluctant to risk holding off in case flight prices should rise or flights sell out.