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If not, as the demand was booked against an infantry regiment, there will be a row and the affair may end badly.
had taken passage for France to join the American Ambulance was a well-known fact, and I had further substantiated by wire to the New York office of the owners, that a Miss La Rue had been booked for passage.
He is booked, madam, as Monsieur Tarzan, of Africa," replied the steward.
Finding myself thus obliged to yield to adverse circumstances, I submitted resignedly, and booked a place outside by the next day's coach, in the name of the Reverend John Jones.
I 've booked you, nevertheless, so in you go; but you may add as much romance as you like, it 's time you did.
The fellow that you call the night-clerk used to be that, but later he booked the patients as they were brought in.