book on

book (one) on (something)

To reserve a spot for oneself or another on a mode of transportation, such as a train or plane. My flight was canceled, but someone at the airline was able to book me on another one that leaves today, thank goodness.
See also: book, on

book someone on something

to reserve a place for someone on some travel conveyance. They booked us on a direct flight to San Juan. He booked himself on a flight to Manaus.
See also: book, on
References in classic literature ?
The rest of his acquaintances, not interested in a book on a learned subject, did not talk of it at all.
Zarathustra, then,--this shadowy, allegorical personality, speaking in allegories and parables, and at times not even refraining from relating his own dreams--is a figure we can understand but very imperfectly if we have no knowledge of his creator and counterpart, Friedrich Nietzsche; and it were therefore well, previous to our study of the more abstruse parts of this book, if we were to turn to some authoritative book on Nietzsche's life and works and to read all that is there said on the subject.
His heart beat with excitement at the pictures of mosques and rich palaces; but there was one, in a book on Constantinople, which peculiarly stirred his imagination.
You are entirely and wholeheartedly welcome to the loan of any book on them.
The princess bent over the exercise book on the table.
He put down his pipe, placed his book on one side, and rose and led her slowly round the room, holding her by the arm.