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A GIF image that read 'N*** Crime Death Counter - Keep Cranking Bonzo, the Numbers Just Keep on Climbing
He was in Dubai with Bonzo and his mum Annette Daniel last July after being found not proven of a murder bid.
Furry Funster friends Fluffy and Flossie are along for the festive fun, Fairy Fran has some tasty treats to share and Santa's little helper, Bonzo has been making mischief too.
This is a chance to enjoy some Stone Age singalong silliness as Anya, Kevin, Gary and Bonzo formerly of The Singing Kettle go on their most roarsome adventure yet.
Curtis, who began his training career at Portsmouth and subsequently joined Hove in 1967, also enjoyed phenomenal success in the sport's big races with such outstanding performers as Glin Bridge, Abbey Glade, Bonzo, Langford Dacoit, Upland Tiger, Yankee Express and Lone Wolf.
And he seemed uncomfortable when presenter Stephen Mangan said his son's colleagues refer to Bonzo as "the greased albino piglet", because he is so adept at wriggling out of trouble.
And Bonzo says that, to be truly appreciated, PS10.
But if you don't and you are a responsible dog owner, if Bonzo poops on the pavement you will bag it and pop it in the bin when you get home (the excrement, not Bonzo).
Earlier Lamacq had unwittingly played a 1968 recording of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band which seemed a better contender: Urban Spaceman.
The brewery team also includes brewer 'Paddy' Adams, sales head Sam Smith, who formerly ran the Sportsman in Huddersfield, and brewery mascot Bonzo the dog.
Team LBC's Mark Bonzo beat Dominic Perez and Kenneth Solis by a half-length to win the 123.
Boro's newest comic, Dark Bonzo, is the first in the series which tell the tale of time-travelling aliens who find themselves in an unknown English location.
Another company, Bonzo Me, has been doing something similar since early July.
THE Bill Harney-trained Bonzo Bing is napped to get off the mark over hurdles at the second attempt in today's Lisronagh Maiden Hurdle in Clonmel.
His annual partnership with Bonzo was as much a part of Christmas as mince pies and pudding.