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bon mot

A clever or witty retort. Brett was teased quite often by his peers, but he always responded quickly with a bon mot, causing everyone to erupt into laughter.
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bon viveur

A connoisseur of food and wine. Primarily heard in UK. Janine is such a bon viveur that she would never dream of serving her guests boxed wine at her party.
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Owner Sir Arnold Clark has agreed to loan Drum to Le Bon and handed over the 77ft yacht in Glasgow yesterday.
We didn't test Au Bon Pain's other low-fat muffins, but their numbers are probably as good.
Bon Jovi, a rock band which originally achieved fame in the 1980s, has signed a book deal with publishers HarperCollins.
Au Bon Pain began operations in South America in 1993 and its licensee in Chile now operates 14 bakery cafes in Santiago, with plans to begin development in Argentina in 1997.
Bon is a graduate of the AMBI Institute in the Netherlands with a bachelor's degree in information technology.
The Bon Temps Rouler products all feature StriviFirm(TM), a revolutionary ingredient clinically proven to dramatically improve skin smoothness, decrease wrinkle depth, and increase collagen and elastin.
We are eager to move to a complementary relationship with Stuart Circle," said Chris Carney, chief executive officer of Bon Secours-St.
The artist, Du Bon suggests, is the earthly cousin of the Platonic demiurge--that not altogether omnipotent creator of worlds whose inventiveness is limited by the finite possibilities of matter; in turn, possible forms cannot emerge without the aid of the demiurge.
Home cooks can now take advantage of the same technology used by professional chefs in busy restaurant kitchens by using our Culinary Heat Lamp to keep food warm until it is ready to serve," said Robb McMahan, Founder and CEO of Bon Home and GelPro.
One hundred (100) Bon Secours leaders from across the health system will gather at the Summit to discuss the organization's work, celebrate the many Diversity and Inclusion accomplishments to date, and lay out the direction of the organization's commitment over the next five years.
The Bon Bon Buddies range combines a toy with a treat-sized portion of sweets, featuring five Bon Bon Buddies characters.
Instead it's tribute band The Bon Jovi Experience, who've actually performed alongside their heroes.
The 37-year-old mum, of Green Lane, Nuneaton, won over judges who decided her dedication made her Coventry and Warwickshire's biggest Bon Jovisuperfan.
Bon Jovi won just once Thursday, for Video Of The Year (``It's My Life'').
From the Makers of GelPro[R], Bon Home Unveils Kitchen Solutions Unlike Anything on the Market in Time to Ease the Stresses of Holiday Cooking and Entertaining