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bombard (one) with (something)

1. Literally, to attack someone repeatedly, as with gunfire or explosives. The enemy army retreated after we bombarded them with grenades.
2. By extension, to subject someone to something repeatedly. Quit bombarding me with pitches and let me set up in the batter's box! Don't bombard your brother with suggestions—his paper is due tomorrow, so he needs to commit to a topic and just write about it! Every time I come home for the holidays, my mom bombards me with questions about my personal life.
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bombard (one) with questions

To ask someone a lot of questions, typically in quick succession. Every time I come home for the holidays, my mom bombards me with questions about my personal life.
See also: bombard, question

bombard someone or something with something

to cast or shoot something at someone or something. (See also bombard someone with questions.) The boys bombarded their friends with snowballs. Gerald bombarded his friends with criticism.
See also: bombard

bombard someone with questions

Fig. to ask someone many questions, one after another. The press bombarded the president with questions. The company spokesperson was bombarded with leading questions.
See also: bombard, question
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For this work the Japanese will build an apparatus that bombards nuclei with K mesons, Toshimitsu Yamazaki of the University of Tokyo says.
He emphasizes the importance of the question by pointing out that in the space environment, the radiation running through our galaxy bombards a surface of 1 square centimeter in 1 hour with 8 particles that deliver more than 100,000 electron-volts of energy per micrometer they traverse.
Experience Europe in a truly unique and "uplifting" fashion in 2003 with The Bombard Society's combination balloon and land tours visiting historic castles, medieval villages and world famous vineyards.
For 2003, The Bombard Society offers 25 spectacular tours in six countries, combining notable dining experiences, guided sightseeing to some of Europe's most interesting historical and cultural venues and daily sightseeing excursions by low level balloon.
The Bombard Society celebrates its 26th year of offering destination-intensive itineraries, combining daily low-level balloon excursions with all inclusive land programs.
In 1977, Buddy Bombard took his two balloons and some close friends on a joyous romp through France.