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bombard someone or something with something

to cast or shoot something at someone or something. (See also bombard someone with questions.) The boys bombarded their friends with snowballs. Gerald bombarded his friends with criticism.
See also: bombard

bombard someone with questions

Fig. to ask someone many questions, one after another. The press bombarded the president with questions. The company spokesperson was bombarded with leading questions.
See also: bombard, question

bombard somebody with something

to continually send someone something, esp. to inform or influence them Every day it seems as if we are bombarded with e-mail messages warning of computer viruses. Stuart bombarded her with flowers, phone calls, and faxes just to get her to say she would go out for dinner with him.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of bombard (to attack a place with continuous shooting)
See also: bombard
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for commercial solar installation," said Chris Brooks, director of Bombard Renewable Energy.
Bombard paused in the mill yard to toss out his spent rounds, reload and light a cigarette before striding away, crossing the railroad tracks and walking through Hillside Cemetery toward the home of his 65-year-old mother, Philinda Bombard, in Leicester, with plans to say goodbye, then escape on a passing freight train.
E[acute accent]Buddy Bombard is available for interview, and our resources for past guest contacts, original photography and video are all offered to journalists by calling Laura Bennett at Bennett & Company at 407-478-4040.
2007 marks the 29th year of this wonderful European Festival and for nearly as long, our standing invitation to participate with our guests," said Buddy Bombard, president of Buddy Bombard's Europe.
Some of the ions ultimately bombard Earth, Schwadron and his colleagues calculate.
Bombard Electric will become part of Utility Services, Inc.
Two outs later Wheeler, a freshman, retired Bombard on a grounder to end the game.
For 2003, The Bombard Society offers 25 spectacular tours in six countries, combining notable dining experiences, guided sightseeing to some of Europe's most interesting historical and cultural venues and daily sightseeing excursions by low level balloon.
After I asked him, Derek's immediate response to me was `Whatever you need me to do to help the team, I will do,'" Bombard said.
The requests for contributions are clearly tied to the effort to bombard HCFA with petitions that will cost roughly $4.
Bombard, 42, of Quincy and formerly of Southbridge, died unexpectedly, Wednesday, September 21, 2011, after a brief illness.
Every day he would bombard me with calls and letters.
Shortstop Brad Bombard led the way last night, going 4 for 4 with two doubles from the cleanup spot.
Our aim is to strike at heavy weapons, which are of course what are used to bombard villages and kill people,'' said Jamie Shea, a NATO spokesman in Brussels, Belgium.
Daigle) Bombard, 75, of Worcester, passed away on Friday, June 3, 2011 in Saint Vincent Hospital surrounded by her loving family.