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For an hour Bob was all that could be desired of a spirited mount, when, and as usual without warning, he took to whirling and bolting.
And now the master of the week has finished, and locked up the big school; and the prepostors of the week come out, sweeping the last remnant of the school fags, who had been loafing about the corners by the fives court, in hopes of a chance of bolting, before them into the close.
Dolly straightened out so that the line of the face was almost a continuation of the line of the stretched neck; this position enabled her to master the bit, which she did by bolting straight ahead down the road.
We're three on us--it's no use bolting," the man behind said.
I fancied I could hear the steel hawser ping as it surged across the Diana's forecastle, with the hands on board of her bolting away from it in all directions.
I made no answer to this hospitable communi- cation; and, indeed, he didn't wait for any, bolting away on to his bridge to get his ship under way.
He thought, "He hears me," and after bolting the door he stood still holding his breath.
Even his custom of bolting his meals may have been a part of an uniform whole; but there is no question, that, as to all other purposes, he kept his mouth as he kept the Marshalsea door.
Don't make such a row,' said Sikes, bolting the door.