bolt down

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bolt something down

1. Lit. to fasten something down securely with bolts. Did anyone bolt the washing machine down? Someone should bolt down this washing machine.
2. Fig. to eat something too rapidly. Don't bolt your food down. She bolted down her dinner and ran out to play.
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A fact never better illustrated by folk having to bolt down breakfast to get to Ibrox in time to see a flag, which was clinched on a Sunday afternoon, unfurled well before the one o'clock gun has been fired.
Our IMSs want much larger portions of the "appetizer", but we often encourage them to bolt down the "appetizer" and savor the main course.
Since the machines require no bolt down, same day operation is possible in most case.
BOLT down the furniture, lock away the spandex and banish all thoughts of overweight men in tights.
So many thrill-seeking kids crowd around the landings on the upper floors at the Mentrocentro and Plaza Inter malls, daring one another to bolt down the rising stairs, that the managers have been driven to near-homicidal distraction.
before the next major earthquake, the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) today approved a unique joint financing venture with Wells Fargo Bank designed to help up to 100,000 property owners throughout the city bolt down their homes to their foundations.
If you're covering a patio area use Metpost Bolt Down post footings which can be screwed into the paving to hold the upright posts.
CUT RISKS: Bolt down furniture and statues if possible
Available in 18- to 255-lb capacities, these machines are freestanding units that require no bolt down or conventional concrete foundations.