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bolster up

1. To provide someone with emotional support and care. A noun can be used between "bolster" and "up" or after "up." I always try to bolster up my little girl when she's feeling sad. Stephanie is mourning the loss of her father, so we're all going over to her house tonight to bolster her up.
2. To provide something with physical support or reinforcement. A noun can be used between "bolster" and "up" or after "up." We need to bolster up that painting with another nail before it falls off the wall. I used a wood block to bolster the window up—otherwise, it comes crashing down when you least expect it.
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bolster someone up

Fig. to give someone emotional support and encouragement. We bolstered her up the best we could, but she was still unhappy. I don't mind bolstering up people who are depressed.
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bolster something up

to give added support to something. The carpenter bolstered the shelf up with a nail or two. I had to bolster up the door or it would have fallen in.
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The central bank is believed to have sold an unspecified quantity of euros on the local interbank market on Tuesday to bolster the dinar.
Time was, there were three things you could rely on at the Cheltenham Festival - a sea of tweed, hordes of drunks and The Giant Bolster making the Gold Cup frame at big odds.
Members of the community are now celebrating after Bolster Moor Farm Shop owners Simon Haigh and Andrew Whitwam bought the beleaguered building and site on Bolster Moor Road, which lies in front of their business.
The Giant Bolster was pulled up in this year's renewal and fell in the Punchestown Gold Cup on his final start, but Bridgwater is convinced the horse was below par and is now back to his old self.
In addition to the common workspace, Make it So (which Bolster has nicknamed MISo) will house a digital design lab, classroom and gallery space and a tool and technology lending library.
While The Giant Bolster heads to Wetherby for the Charlie Hall Chase, Wyck Hill will be travelling in the opposite direction to Ascot for the United House Gold Cup.
The Giant Bolster, who has finished second and fourth in the last two Gold Cups at Cheltenham, will reappear in the bet365 Charlie Hall Chase at Wetherby while Wyck Hill will head to Ascot for the United House Gold Cup.
Summary: Move in view of Eid Al Adha comes in line with Shaikh Sultan's keen interest to bolster stability of family and community.
Place a low bolster or block under the pelvis and lie back supine on the floor, eyes closed.
Summary: Prime Minister Najib Mikati told Cabinet Monday that Lebanese security forces, "upon the orders of the political leadership" have contacted the Syrian military to bolster security along the Lebanon-Syria border.
Summary: Church leader claims many young people are drawn into gang membership in an attempt to bolster their weakened sense of identity.
Summary: Pakistan has signed a string of agreements with oil-rich Libya to bolster economic ties on the sidelines of a visit by President Asif Ali Zardari, the official JANA news agency reported on Saturday.
A vertical bolster stake at each end of the bolster keeps the wagon bed from sliding sideways on the bolster.
But Vargas acknowledged that nothing can bolster such a claim better than tangible results.
Atchison designed two cast steel side frames to run parallel to the tracks and a bolster to run across the two side frames, which would form the support structure for the truck assembly.