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drop a bollock

vulgar slang To mess something up; to make a particularly egregious error. Primarily heard in UK. That new intern is totally useless, he's always dropping a bollock on important projects. That player really dropped a bollock during the match yesterday.
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kick bollocks scramble

A wild, chaotic, or panicked situation, especially among or involving many people simultaneously. Primarily heard in UK. With funding from local councils spread so thin these days, it's always a kick bollocks scramble in December for charities to meet their yearly quota with donations. The whole pub descended into a kick bollocks scramble after one bloke threw a punch at another.
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bollix up

slang To jumble up or ruin something. A noun can be used before or after "up." Boy, you really bollixed up this report—I'm not sure I can even fix it.
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bollix something up

Inf. to ruin something; to mess something up. Please don't bollix my stereo up. Who bollixed up the folded laundry?
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bollix up

To make a mess of something because of mistakes or poor judgment: I'm afraid you've bollixed up that job badly! Don't make me paint the chairs; I'll just bollix it up.
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Debut album Bollocks was fatally delayed as the band moved from record company to record company and fanned a media firestorm.
The Sex Pistols were taken to court in 1977 over their album Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols.
How come the BBC ruled that bollocks wasn't right for prewatershed TV, yet that's what they fill the same schedules with?
Please spare us the bollocks about "the best team" losing the Scottish Cup Final at Hampden last week.
Here, with an exclusive extract from the book That's Bollocks, by Albert Jack, we give it to you straight.
I always respect other people's opinions even if I happen to think they are talking bollocks.
So I've been doing my best not to smirk at Wayne Rooney's knackered metatarsal and trying to ignore the 1966 bollocks that's all over my telly.
ALL this bollocks about John Lennon being a working class hero.
Stand by for more emotional scenes later this week when Nadia is reunited with her natural bollocks.
But Gordon insisted: "If you've the bollocks to eat it, you should have the bollocks to kill it.
Meanwhile John Lydon's brief jungle appearance has sent the Sex Pistols' Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols album shooting up 1464 places higher at 17th position.
When MacLeod insisted evidence to the committee indicated otherwise, Galbraith replied: "It's bollocks, then, the evidence you have got.
MORE youth bollocks as E4's snail-paced tale of spotty teenage angst Skins returned and bored for Britain.
It might be bollocks but if he doesn't come up with something better than that, it'll be the dog's bollocks.