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bollixed up

Bungled; messed up; mixed up. Oh man, the printer really bollixed up this report. The pages are all out of order now, and I think a whole section is missing!
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bollix up

slang To jumble up or ruin something. A noun can be used before or after "up." Boy, you really bollixed up this report—I'm not sure I can even fix it.
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bollix something up

Inf. to ruin something; to mess something up. Please don't bollix my stereo up. Who bollixed up the folded laundry?
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bollix up

To make a mess of something because of mistakes or poor judgment: I'm afraid you've bollixed up that job badly! Don't make me paint the chairs; I'll just bollix it up.
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Yet let us also remember the Churchill who did so much to bollix up the Middle East and to create the conditions that gave rise to the utterly avoidable tragedy that is Podhoretz's World War IV.
struggles with the artistic dilemmas that also bollix Hoch: not wanting to sell out on Seinfeld yet anxious that the world beyond is still a version of Dave, where you hawk talent and consciousness.
That may be the case but we don't need a little bollix like Bono to tell us he's a little bollix.
How could his mind not have drifted back six years to that jawdropping team meeting when Keane called him "spineless, useless, stupid and gutless" before defining him as a s*** player and a s*** manager", telling him to stick the World Cup up his bollix, and heading back home to walk Triggs the dog?
If you play well then you're a hero but if you're not turning it on then your nothing but a bollix.