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In a text to the Sunday Mirror, Chester called the claims "a slanderous bold-faced lie.
In this political climate, the bold-faced lie bears seemingly little repercussion for politicians seeking office.
Although true on a cosmic level, on the planet Earth that's a bold-faced lie.
She warns against telling a potential partner a bold-faced lie because most intelligent people are knowledgeable enough to detect a big pretender.
Starr's "Pornography" Report came nine months after our illustrious chief executive, President Clinton, exposed the world to his disrespect for his family and the American people when he used our White House as the scene of his adulterous, pornographic behavior; told a bold-faced lie to his wife, daughter, and the American people as he wagged his finger at us; obstructed and stonewalled the independent counsel's attempt at justice; and spent $33.
Even for our mayor, that has to rank near the top spot for the most self-serving, egotistic, bold-faced lie I've heard.
For Dull's convenience, we've included the plain truth and the bold-faced lie.
Cochran called Toobin's assertion an ``unmitigated, bold-faced lie.
Whatever their motivation, people are prone to fabricate stories, and in these past few weeks we have been treated to a virtual feast of half-truths and bold-faced lies.
County employees, media and time and date-stamped photos from SLEEPS have documented that Richardsons's comments are bold-faced lies and leave the county wide open to libel suits.
A damning assessment to be sure, and one that makes Burks' past promises to investors sound like bold-faced lies.
It is time to expose their flimsy arguments, bold-faced lies and immorality.
It is the one area that basically good, moral men have no compunction telling bold-faced lies about.