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bogus check

A written order to a bank for a certain amount of funds that has been dishonored, either because such funds are not available or because the given checking account does not exist. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. A lot of bogus checks have been circulating in the area lately, claiming to be from the local university; in reality, they are scams trying to swindle people out of money.
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1. mod. phony; false; undesirable. This class is really bogus.
2. mod. great; excellent. Man, this place is really bogus!

bogus beef

and bum beef
n. a false complaint or charge. (see also beef.) The cops took them in on a bogus beef. It’s a bogus beef. I’ll be back on the street in twenty minutes.
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45pm and a bogus worker targeted a 90-year-old man in Kingsbury.
On Tuesday, a 60-day deadline for disclosure and payment of any tax, interest and penalties on bogus non-resident account holders expires.
Lysa Ralph, Help the Aged national senior safety manager, said, ``Police forces across the country use different methods to record bogus caller crime.
The police said Lin Kongbin, Yang Xiumei and the Chinese man at large paid two taxi fares using the bogus 10,000 notes on Sept.
The warning comes after a number of national incidents where bogus installers have attempted to gain entry to the homes of vulnerable people.
The revelation has given the BJP ammunition against the AAP which has been accusing the former of enrolling bogus voters for the upcoming Assembly polls in the Capital.
A man in his nineties is one of those who have been targeted by this bogus caller.
Sources said that 22 bogus names were inducted in balloting of plots, adding that the imprisoned CDA director had allotted plots to the property dealers.
Instead, people have used the Gortin, Co Tyrone star's name and picture and launched a bogus account online.
Officers in North Tyneside are targeting bogus callers and rogue traders in an move to safeguard local people.
But the committee heard even under the points-based system immigration fraudsters will still be allowed to set up bogus institutions.
Coun Lyn Ackerman, cabinet member for the environment, said: "I was overwhelmed by the number of people who said they now felt that much more equipped to deal with bogus callers.
POLICE are warning people to beware bogus workers after they received a number of reports of suspicious doorstep callers.
5 million for a bogus casino planned near Six Flags California, Valencia.
POLICE have warned the public to be aware of bogus tsunami appeal collectors.