boggle (one's)/the mind

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boggle (one's)/the mind

To thoroughly overwhelm, confuse, or surprise one. The show of support from everyone just boggled my mind. The plot of that move totally boggled my mind—did you understand it?
See also: boggle, mind

boggle someone's mind

to confuse someone; to overwhelm someone; to blow someone's mind. The immense size of the house boggles my mind. She said that his arrogance boggled her mind.
See also: boggle, mind

boggle the mind

Bewilder or astonish with complexity, novelty, or the like, as in The very magnitude of the Milky Way boggles the mind. The source of this usage is unclear, as the verb to boggle has several other seemingly unrelated meanings-to shy away, to hesitate, to bungle. [Second half of 1900s]
See also: boggle, mind
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Pangilinan is spending to bring the guys here and it might just boggle your mind.
If that is not enough to boggle your mind, the actors, dancers and babes will have more than 2,500 costume changes between them during the run of the panto.
It'll be jazz hands galore with a programme full of acts to split your sides and boggle your mind - from musical comedians and fire eaters to burlesque dancers and circus performers, with some DJs thrown in for good measure.
It may boggle your mind, but, surprisingly, many large investors had been doing so.
If it doesn't boggle your mind and you're not a physicist, you may want to rethink your profession.
Just when you thought you'd heard everything you would ever want to know about America's hapless descent into the Vietnam quagmire, along comes a book to boggle your mind with new revelations of ineptness, duplicity, and arrogance amongst the senior-most officials of the United States.