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boggle at (something)

To gape or gawk at something; to struggle to accept or understand something. I boggled at the very generous salary offer and hoped it wasn't an error. When my wife surprised me with a new car, I could only boggle at it in our driveway—I couldn't even speak!
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boggle (one's/the) mind

To thoroughly overwhelm, confuse, or surprise one. The show of support from everyone just boggled my mind. The plot of that move totally boggled my mind—did you understand it?
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it boggles the mind

The current situation, or the thing just discussed, is difficult or impossible to comprehend. How is it possible that he got lost on his way home yet again? It boggles the mind.
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the mind boggles

The current situation, or the thing just discussed, is difficult or impossible to comprehend. How is it possible that he got lost on his way home yet again? The mind boggles.
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boggle at something

to be amazed at something, particularly something large or surprising. The audience boggled at the size of the loss. I boggled at the damage to my car.
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boggle someone's mind

to confuse someone; to overwhelm someone; to blow someone's mind. The immense size of the house boggles my mind. She said that his arrogance boggled her mind.
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boggle the mind

Bewilder or astonish with complexity, novelty, or the like, as in The very magnitude of the Milky Way boggles the mind. The source of this usage is unclear, as the verb to boggle has several other seemingly unrelated meanings-to shy away, to hesitate, to bungle. [Second half of 1900s]
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the mind boggles

COMMON You say the mind boggles when you find something difficult to imagine or understand because it is so surprising, strange, or complicated. With technology like this, the mind boggles at what geography classes will be like in the not-too-distant future. The mind boggles to think what they could eventually achieve. Note: You can also say that something boggles the mind or that it boggles your mind with the same meaning. Such statements boggle the mind. Talk about amazing coincidences — this one absolutely boggled my mind. Note: You can also describe something very surprising, strange, or complicated as mind-boggling. The mind-boggling 2,100-page timetable comes complete with a 40-page supplement. The range of products on offer is simply mind-boggling. Note: The word `boggle' is probably derived from the word `bogle', which is an old-fashioned word for an evil spirit or `bogey', as in `bogey man'.
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the mind ˈboggles (at something)


it boggles the ˈmind

(informal) you find it difficult to imagine something because it is so surprising, strange or complicated: The mind boggles at the thought of a boxer dressed up as a fairy.The vastness of space really boggles the mind. ▶ ˈmind-boggling adj.: Distances in space are mind-boggling.
See also: boggle, mind
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The lives of our various protagonists boggle the mind with their limitless wealth and privilege, but these Upper East Siders continue to have plenty of skeletons in their spacious closets.
Many biotech companies are surging ahead with scientific developments that not only boggle the mind, but may produce financial bonanzas for those companies that can leverage their science into commercial products.
MANY of the matters that go to court these days boggle the mind.
Considering the nightclub/restaurant industry averages a 100 percent to 200 percent employee turnover rate annually, it might boggle the mind to learn that the cost of replacing the average employee in the field is $2,100 to $3,100, while replacing a nightclub manager costs more than three times that amount.