bogged down

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bog down

To slow down or burden someone or something. (A bog is an area of wet, muddy ground that it is difficult to walk through.) Don't bog down your brother with more suggestions—his paper is due tomorrow, so he needs to commit to a topic and just write about it! We were hoping to open the restaurant by the holidays, but we've gotten bogged down with regulations and permits.
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bogged down

Burdened or impeded by something. (A bog is an area of wet, muddy land that it is difficult to walk through.) Try not to get bogged down in the details of this project—we're looking for speed more than accuracy.
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*bogged down

stuck; prevented from making progress. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; become ~.) The students became bogged down with the algebra problems. The Smiths really got bogged down in decorating their house.
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An emergency mediation committee meant to bring together leaders of the rival groups launched by President Olusegun Obasanjo was bogged down today after a prominent Muslim leader was named to head the committee.
Actually, having Congress get bogged down in the process of enacting new regulations would be a very desirable outcome: The longer Congress takes to pass such bills, the likelier that they will wither and die before becoming laws; fewer laws would mean a reduction in the hidden tax that is suffocating our business economy and steadily undermining our standard of living.
Did the installation as a whole create an aura of transcendence, or did one get bogged down in the exquisite particularity of each piece--nor to say the excruciating exactness with which it had been placed?
During the meeting, Trustee Jim Joiner criticized the board for getting bogged down in a debate over religion instead of addressing more important issues, such as school funding and class sizes.
Japanese firms that directly hire Korean engineers may get bogged down in difficulties and the hassles of renewing one-year visas, Suwama says.
Often, we can all become so bogged down in production issues and finances that we don't see the end result of our toils.
USTR Robert Zoellick has responded with a first-come, first-serve policy aimed at moving forward on a bilateral basis if multilateral trade talks get bogged down.
By their ability to provide immediate funding for acquisition, refinance of undervalued properties or stabilized real property, short-term lenders have always been a critical resource for borrowers unwilling to be bogged down with delayed or flat out rejection from commercial lenders.
Although he occasionally loses focus and gets bogged down in tedious details, Wilkinson's book hits its mark more often than not.
On the other hand, the story of the legal case, bogged down in bureaucracy for 26 years, bogs down the book as well.
As Congress heads into its summer recess, still bogged down in debating a host of bills dealing with accounting and corporate governance issues, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Harvey Pitt is signaling that he's not willing to simply wait for legislators to act amid the continuing governance crisis.
Human resources departments don't want to be bogged down in these details," he said.
Saunders maintains that even the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in New York was bogged down in the CIA's muck, and that CIA funding was instrumental in the success of prestigious journals, such as The Kenyon Review, The Sewanee Review, Poetry, and, especially, Partisan Review.
cultural differences can be so vast that the CEO is almost destined to fail: He is so decisive that it is perceived as a threat to the business, or so bogged down in the conflicting systems that he can't accomplish anything.